It’s a Journey

When I opened up my instagram today I was met with a fitgirl photo from fitgirl_michelle2015. The photo on the left showed her at the beginning of her journey 4 months ago and the right photo was her recent photo. On the right she looked strong, happy, fit. Before and after photos are powerful because we see the results, we see a side we relate to and we see a side we want to achieve. But the problem is we see nothing else. We don’t see the struggle, the sick days, the days we fell off the training schedule, the tears, the disappointment. Instead, we idolize the desirable pic.

That’s my problem. I tell myself I want to get fit and I’ll start out but, oh, if I don’t see results I get discouraged and eat poorly and I have to start all over again. Well, what if this time, I keep it, I adopt it as my way of life and I keep at it? I want to find out how I would feel being strong, fit and confident. It’s worth it. I want to do it.


Homeward Bound

Moving home. More and more common these days. I left home at 20 and I’m heading back at 25.


I’m leaving a population of about 350,000 for a population of 15,000. Yeah. It’s cozy.

I’m excited for late summer evenings. The hum of lawnmowers. Eating at a dining table instead of a futon and coffee table.

A big thing I’ll miss about the city is the anonymity. People are still friendly but not everyone has some sort of connection y’know? Now I’m going to go to the grocery store and run into my high school gym teacher, my dentist or someone who knows my parents. I’ll have to answer the same questions over and over again.

On the flip side, going to a smaller town when unemployed is nice. Little distraction, less to spend money on. I get to mow the lawn, do the dishes, go for runs, play tennis, lounge at the lake, make delicious dinners. It will be interesting, to the say the least. Definitely interesting.