Natural Beauties!

I love love love reading about girls’ and their big chop! I feel like mine was so long ago (not really) but I remember that day, how I felt, how I looked, my thoughts, my insecurities, my pride. If you’ve recently big chopped I would like to introduce you to a couple of others.

Nov 29/12, The Agrarian Bard – The Big Chop

Nov 20/12, Natural Vibe – The Big Chop

Nov 20/12, JoyYouCantTake – The Big Chop

Oct 12/12, Finding Kayy – Big Chop!

Sept 30/12, Sincerely, Jess – New

Dec 8/12, Sisi Yemmie – I Big Chopped (video)

It’s also interesting to think how many others out there share my big chop anniversary… Any other March 14 Big Choppers out there? 😉 I’m sure I’m one of many!

It’s a great community out there of naturalistas. If you have questions or concerns, surf the web, engage with others whether it’s email, twitter, through blogs. Don’t be shy, introduce yourself, ask questions, share your pet peeves, share your joys! You’re a beauty!

Happy Sunday!