Rocco’s Still Going Strong

Finally, today I gave Rocco the attention he’d been missing for the past two weeks. Sundays are my wash days but last week was my boyfriend’s birthday and I didn’t leave enough time to get Rocco washed so I put him up in a high bun and there he stayed… for the next week.

Today I gave him a steam, did some major detangling, got rid of plenty of shed hair, and gave him a good scrub. He’s now moisturized and up in twists. I haven’t been blow drying my hair after washing it lately. I think it’s probably been a good 8 weeks since I’ve last blow dried my hair. It makes for longer twists, and fluffier twist outs but I don’t mind not using heat on my hair for a while and skipping the blow drying saves me quite a bit of time as well.

I really don’t think about Rocco and my hair that much anymore. It’s sort of been absorbed into my life. It’s no longer ‘new’. It’s definitely fun, but it’ now has its place in my life and I know how to make my hair shine and dance and it’s great. Actually, I realized I’ll be 3 years natural in two months. I’m smiling now that I think about it because I can see my face now sitting in that chair. I remember how I felt, I remember the uncertainty and anxiety of my hair falling to the floor and the buzz of the razor. I also remember loving the little curls as they sprouted from my scalp. I remember the ease of wash days and the way I checked my length at certain points, always surprised by its progress.

My hair is now well past my chin and past my collar bone. I know it’s time for a trim with the number of fairy knots I encounter but… at the same time… I’m so happy by how comfortable I am with my hair. With myself. I’ve come quite a ways from my days of buying hair relaxer at London Drugs, putting on my gloves and getting to it. I dreaded each occasion but was happy once it was done. But it never lasted. I’d be right back there 10 weeks later, my scalp burning, my hands covered to protect them from the chemicals and I know I’m in a better place now. I know my hair and scalp are thanking me and I know this is me. Unashamed, free, me.

Cheers Rocco!


Friends and Fun!

This weekend was lovely 🙂

I worked all week and decided to work Good Friday for some good old fashioned overtime. My student loans aren’t gonna pay for themselves so I may as well.

Friday evening was build your own pita pizza with L and we watched a movie and hit the hay.

Saturday morning I woke up and went home early so I could get started on my hair. I was about halfway done blow drying it when my bf texted asking if I wanted to go for brunch. Now B’s brother is in town and I hadn’t met him yet and both Thursday and Friday he asked me if I wanted to join them for drinks but Thursday I went for a run after work with L and then it was bedtime. And Friday I had already made plans with L so that didn’t happen (he needs to give me a liiiiittle more notice). So I really wanted to make brunch with what I assumed was his whole family.

B: Did you wanna go for brunch?
Me: That sounds good, what time?
B: Right now.
Me: ooh I can’t… I washed my hair early so I wouldn’t have to do it tomorrow and I’m still 20 mins from finishing it 😦
B: We’ll wait half an hour for you
Me: Ok! I can do this!
B: Yay! Let us know when you’re ready

First off… SOME NOTICE WOULD BE NICE! ‘Right now’ is never a good response when you’d like me to be somewhere. But I went on superdrive and finished blow drying my hair and putting it in 6 fat twists. I’m whizzing around thinking I’m holding up his entire family with my hair games.. I released the twists and combed them out and was met with a poof of hair (which I loved!). With a few bobby pins and an elastic I put it in a really simple side pony and I was good to go. I wanted to high five myself I was so impressed with my results in the timeframe I had.

There were no parents at brunch. But I still felt pretty and put together and met his brother and had some good laughs so it was great!

Saturday afternoon included a great bike ride with my guy friend T, pepperoni sticks from the local corner store (soo good!) and some video games with the gang. I met up for coffee with L and P and in the evening was a nice fire. It was such a great day.

It’s crazy though, I feel the need to cram my Saturdays with as much social fun as I can because I really don’t see anyone during the week. And I FINALLY got Hermie on the road. My butt bones are sooo sore after that first bike ride but they’ll just have to toughen up because next weekend L and I are biking to the lake!!! Eeee!!

The local Farmers Market starts up in May and L and I have the perfect routine down! Saturday mornings will include 9 AM yoga and at 10 we’ll walk across the street for some delicious Filipino food at the market. Yaay!! My favourite time of year!!!

Today I had lattes at L’s and we went out to look for a Wii for her ( we didn’t find one) and I found myself a nice light jacket shell which is perfect for biking and light enough that I can wear a hoodie or sweater underneath. It’s also long in the back which is great for biking and I just prefer a long jacket so I’m really happy I found that. I’m going to do my taxes (boo), clean my room (double boo) and prep lunches for this week (yay? I guess…)

L and I are also planning a road trip for May Long weekend so I am preeeeetty excited about that one 🙂

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

I’m Still Around!

Just wanted to drop a line.

So I’m filling in for a month at the info centre which is just fine. I’m working a contract position and I’ve been offered a couple of other contract positions. I’ve never been one to work contracts, I never thought I would, but I’m intrigued by these opportunities so I need to do some research and line up all my ducks so I know what I’m doing and not missing out on things. Paying my own taxes and keeping track of mileage and expenses.. it’s not something I’m familiar with but it’s something I want to be good at so that I know what to expect.

I finished my quilt! I packed it up and shipped it off. I am so happy!

Friends are coming home for Christmas as well as my brother. Can’t complain about that. I’ve actually been pretty social. I feel like I actually have to check my schedule when making plans. It was funny, I was chatting with my friend at work and he had received a Christmas party invite and wanted to know if I wanted to go and I told him I’d check my schedule. Surprisingly I had an appointment for a family portrait that day so it worked out that I would just show up after that. But it helps to have a schedule.


I have been good with my washdays but I need to step up my maintenance during the week. I didn’t blow dry my hair straight or really stretch it after my wash last week so my hair has been fairly shrunken. Today I just stuck it in a puff, which I haven’t worn in quite a long time, but I think I’m going to revisit my blown-out twists. They kept maintenance low, my hair tangle free, and they’re a great look. I’ve been tossing around the idea of Havana Twists and I’m just not feeling it quite yet. My scalp hasn’t been the easiest to deal with right now. So I want to be sure I can maintain it, so that it’s flake-free before I install a style that will expose my scalp. But tomorrow I am 21 months natural. It’s great!

I’ve been hitting the gym fairly faithfully these past two weeks. It works out well that I can drop my mom off at work in the morning and go to the gym afterwards. I do half an hour on the treadmill, usually doing a 5k, then I spend about 15 doing weights and 15 doing yoga, squats, stretching sort of thing. After the first week I lost 5 lbs. Now this is what I’m assuming was sort of excess, bloat, water retaining. But not actually fat, at least that’s my thinking. I measured myself and my measurements haven’t changed.

What helps me get out of bed in the morning? It helps that I have it in my head how great it is to be part of a routine. I don’t even want to think about it. When my alarm goes off I want to get out of bed, go to the gym, do my stuff, head home and start my day. Going to the gym is my cup of coffee and I want to enjoy the feeling I get after leaving.

As I get going I may extend that time, I plan to extend the distance I run too but I need to keep at it.

I plan to post some tips and tricks when it comes to running. I really enjoy it.

I’m also hoping to explore more of my area while I’m here. Winter kayaking, checking out the lava beds, museums. I’m excited. I feel like I’m settling in more, I’m not searching frantically for a way out the way I was when I first moved here.

Hope you all get time with loved ones this seasons!

Separation Anxiety…

A strong term, yes, but I miss my curls!

I’ve had my hair in braids for two weeks now and I must admit I miss styling my hair. Sure this style saves time, energy, accessories… did I already say time? But it’s the same thing every day.

There’s something about having my hair hidden away that makes me wonder how it’s doing. How do I know if it’s dry or needs some oil when it’s woven with this other hair? And my scalp! Some people suggested spritzing and massaging but I’ve washed my hair/scalp twice so far. I guess that doesn’t change since I washed it once a week while my hair was loose. I think I’m willing to give it another two weeks, maybe three but I think I may need to get my hair back…

I’ve gotten used to the detangling, deep conditioning, twisting, braiding, moisturizing business. I had a good thing going yknow? But I should take advantage of my hair like this because it’s a lot less work. So *inhale.. exhale* here’s to my protective style.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY HAIR!!! *a year in photos*

You’re growing up so fast, Rocco! And now you’re ONE! Here are some photos of my hair year 🙂

Can’t Wait To Try These Styles

I wear my hair out a lot. Twist/braid-outs, puffs, pinned to one side. I don’t have my hair up ever to be honest… I don’t have quite enough length yet but when I do you can bet I’ll be trying out different updos. Not only do updos protect your ends, which is important, it can transform a look and the updo can be simple or really intricate.

I absolutely love the limitless options there are to creating your own hairstyle! I’ve found a couple of styles online that I can’t wait to try, for now here’s two.

The texture, the shape, the patterns it creates, there is so much to do with this hair and the possibilities are what’s so fun! The opportunity to invent your own hairstyle is such a great inspiration.

Click on the pic to see the style tutorial *Not my image

Click on pic to be directed to site.
Click on pic to be directed to site. *Not my image

A Curl

Just some pics from my deep conditioning session last night. Look at all of that curly potential 😉