It’s A Blizzard #snowday2015

Northwestern BC is getting slapped in the face by a massive snowstorm. I couldn’t get my car out of the driveway even if I wanted to. What’s nice was, no work today. I just have to keep busy so cabin fever doesn’t set in.

I work an hour away from home and yesterday, the snow was getting pretty bad so I left work 3 hours early and caught a ride with my boyfriend. This morning I woke up and the highway advisory had been updated and was the same so I was ok with staying at home. Also, Feb 9 is a holiday so I in fact have a 4 day weekend!

My boyfriend, myself and 4 friends were planning to spend the weekend two hours away in a small town for some skiing. Now I don’t skii, but I was to do it with the bunch just for one. I was more than ok with spending some time in the lodge with a good book and hot cocoa (or wine, let’s be honest). But with this insane weather none of that will be happening. Boo.

Let me tell you what I’ve been up to lately.

Jan 26 a friend I purchase the Fit Girl Guide and we started their 28 Day Challenge. Right now I’m on Week 2 Day 5 of the challenge and I’ve seen progress. Maybe I’ll post the pics here further into the challenge…

What’s tough right now is I am stuck inside my house (thankfully with power…) with nowhere to go and I feel like I want to eat everything yknow? It’s howling wind outside, snow is blowing everywhere, you can barely see anything and I’m on the couch bundled in a blanket and all I can think to do is snack. Snack snack snack. I will do everything in my power to eat my meals in an appropriate portion and fashion and I pray sometime today I will do my half hour workout.

I’ll be honest, so far today all I’ve had is popcorn. A moderate portion of popcorn but nonetheless… popcorn.

I’ve been wearing Rocco under a toque for the entirety of this week to be perfectly honest. I feel like he’s been getting long.. being inside all day I’ll probably have a really good and thorough wash day. here’s hoping!

Man I want chips…

Yes, Zambia in 8 weeks. It’s going to be amazing. I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for a long time and it’s finally happening. This trip is going to show me a lot about myself, where I come from and those I call family. I’m so excited to meet cousins and aunts and uncles! It’s going to be quite the reunion.

I really thought I had more to say than that…..


Headstands and Running Buddies

I got two runs in this weekend and it makes me happy. My friend F and I hit the trails Saturday morning and this morning both followed by yummy breakfasts. Today after brekky we lamented about how much we missed yoga classes at the Y. So we found some YouTube yoga and got our stretch on. Then we decided we wanted to try headstands. Haha! Truly some funny moments in there but we were determined.

It’s Monday tomorrow and I’m not convinced I’m ready for it. But it’s going to happen regardless so bring it on, I guess.

I found a simple veggie/kale/quinoa recipe for this week so I’m hoping it tastes as yummy as it looks. I’m also going to keep Rocco in the tiny braids I’ve had for a week. It’ll be a two week hairstyle which I am a huge fan of.

Here are some pics of my hike and my headstand 😉



Fishing With Friends!

Sunday evening was fantastic!! My bestie, S, and her fiance, M, invited me river fishing on their boat. I was kind of tired and more ready for a nap then for an adventure but I knew I should take the chance while it was offered so off I went. We got some snacks, launched the boat and off we went.

I really like the feeling of being on a boat. Like flying, you get to see a different perspective of an every day thing. I’ve passed the river, driving alongside it on the highways hundreds of times. I’ve skipped rocks on the water from shore and had picnics nearby. But I’d never been in the water. Looking at the shore while bouncing along at an exhilarating pace.

We found a spot and dropped anchor. M cast the two rods and the three of us sat back and vigilantly watched the rods for any movement. S and I were screaming each time it bounced and M had to tell us to calm ourselves and reminded us what to look for. There were a couple bobs and M sprang into action. S grabbed the net and I grabbed my camera. Our first catch of the day was a wee little guy. He was so funny and quite active. Not gonna lie, S and I screamed as M tried to grab the little fish to toss him back into the river. It was like watching someone try to grab a bar of soap! It was hilarious!! S and I raised our feet, no way this little fishy was gonna touch us. Finally M scooped him and flung him back to the water, reset the line and then sat back as S and I caught our breaths after laughing so hard.

About 15 minutes later that line went crazy again and like clockwork, M grabbed the rod, S grabbed the net and I grabbed my camera. We had something good this time!! M was hanging on and reeling in the line, directing S where she needed to be with the net. I was so excited!!! I could see a lot of movement under the surface. It wasn’t too long before S had the fish backed into the net. It was fantastic! She had to pass the handle to M cause the fish was so big and he hauled it out of the water into the boat. Eeeeee!! Their biggest Spring Salmon of the year!! It was so cool. We were all pretty pumped. We gutted it (and by we I mean M gutted it) and then hung around for 20 more minutes. No more bites so we packed it in. What. A. Day.

I’m so glad I went out! We saw a seal in the river and on our zippy boat ride home I spotted a deer along the bank. He had a set of antlers growing.  A memorable evening out on the river, for sure!

Two Wheels and Many Hills

I went for a massive bike ride on Saturday. Massive to me at least.

I biked to the lake with two friends. 15 k one way with a solid downhill. We were zipping at 35 km/hour and it was thrilling and terrifying and FREEZING. Biking uphill I was all sweats and taking off my hoodie then of course the sun disappeared for a bit and all of a sudden it was minus 2 and windy as all hell.

It was amazing.

My friend and I had been planning this spring/summer bike ride ever since the snow started falling. We’d done a ride like this when we were 19. So here we were 7 years later not feeling as spry but just as determined. Our other friend A joined us for this ride. I’ve only known A for about 7 months. She’s the fiancee of my bf’s best friend. I really like her and so we invited her for the ride. A’s an athlete and you may be surprised to learn she only has one leg. Yeah. BUt get this… we were heading uphill and that girl, with one leg on one pedal was hauling ass up the hill. The pecking order uphill always went A, me, then L. Legit.

Granted A was less willing to stop on an uphill because it was difficult to get started on a hill but she was a good 20 metres ahead of me. I was amazed and then I realized I need to stop underestimating people. Anyone and everyone. Who cares if she has one leg, she’s definitely capable.

It was a fantastic ride. We stopped at the lake and had a picnic lunch then continued on. We circled back to town on a different route and the area was gorgeous. So stunning. I LOVE spring and summer. I love the leaves emerging from trees, I love the squirrels and birds being chatty and running around. I love the sound of water running and wind at my back (preferably, no one likes a head wind when biking or running). It was exactly what I needed.

The next morning I was curious and stepped on the scale. There was movement. In the downward direction. I actually squealed a bit. I try not to let the numbers on a scale dictate my mindset but that really encouraged me. It was early on a Sunday morning and after seeing that change I donned my running gear and went out for a run. I was feeling a little discouraged about changing from a 21 to a 10 km but that run was all I needed.

Oh! Speaking of, L and I registered for our run in July!! We also booked camping spots! That’s right. We’re camping!!! Haida Gwaii, please treat us right, I’m so excited!! We’re going to take the ferry over (7 hour ride, oy!) and we’re going to take everything in that we can in the days we’re there. I’m so excited to share that experience with you guys 🙂

That’s all from me today. Have a lovely week guys and do something for yourself that makes you happy and healthy!

A Great Day Was Had

Yesterday was faboo! For my 25th birthday I was pretty happy it was on a weekend and that the sun was out. My roomie and I rented a car (I no longer had to pay that fee for being under 25) and we drove along the coast. Along a windy, bumpy road in between forests, along the ocean and up mountains, we spent some time at beaches and had lunch on the rocks.

It. was. great. A really nice day just cruising along. Here are some pics of my day 🙂

PS: I also learned that if I were to have a car I would not be as active as I am. Being able to take whatever you want home while grocery shopping would undoubtedly lead me to buying all sorts of delicious but horribly unnecessary things.

Beautiful British Columbia! *photos*

I’m home in Northern British Columbia visiting my parents right now and I just wanted to share a little bit of my area for those who have never visited.

British Columbia is a unique province that has a variety of environments. The Pacific Ocean is its neighbour to the west, it has mountain ranges, desert (with tumbleweeds and everything!), rainforest, canyons, hills and more. Now, BC is the only Canadian province I’ve ever lived in, so I am definitely biased, but it is truly a beautiful place to live. I threw together a couple of photos from my adventures with my parents these past few days plus a random photo at the end 😉