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Wonton Soup!

I would say wonton soup is my favourite soup. I don’t have it often so when I do it’s a treat. When I found a recipe on foodgawker I thought it would be a great undertaking so this is my experience making wonton soup!

I used this recipe here (I added water chestnuts) and I watched a youtube video on how to fold the wontons. It was pretty simple to make, the folding technique wasn’t too intricate which was good. All together they turned out delicious!

For the broth I could not be bothered to make actual stock so I just used powdered veggie broth and added sliced ginger when it was boiling (holy crap ginger flavour is delicious) and then I added carrots, broccoli and bok choy. I should have waited to start the broth because it didn’t take long to make and then the veggies got a little soft and I prefer them hot and crunchy. So note for next time.

Roomie-T said this was restaurant good! 🙂


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