I Want To Get Fit, I Swear!

It’s sooo haaaard!!!!

I want to see changes in my body.

I want to run faster and longer.

I want to compete in my goal race in July.

I want to make good food choices.

But food has this hold on me!

When I zone out in meetings I’m usually thinking about all the food I could be eating… scalloped potatoes, yorkshire pudding, nachos… when I veg with my friends we don’t chow down on carrot sticks. Being hungry isn’t being happy to me. Being hungry means being hangry, cranky, annoyed, sad… chowing down makes me happy and content and feeling like I just did myself a solid.

When I went to the gym in the mornings I was pretty good at keeping my eating habits in control. Back when a 6 am gym time was a pain, now it’s a luxury. If I want to exercise in the morning before work I’m looking at a 4 am call time 😦 I really feel like I need incentive. That carrot on a string in front of me… sad right? I mean I enjoy running. Especially on the weekends. But I have the whole day to walk around, be active, be outside. When I’m sitting in front of a computer for 10 hours a day I want to distract myself and enjoy some part of it. Yknow? Anyone feeling me?? How do you blast through that wall of blaah and just kick ass? I need some guidance here!

A lot of these apply to me… “24 Hilarious Ways Girls Struggle With Food Everyday”


Running & Baking

There’s still snow on the ground but not on the roads or sidewalks and that’s what counts. I did a 3k run on Monday and an hour after I got home it started to snow. Tuesday I was running around a lot but in the evening I managed to cycle on stationary Hermie for 15 minutes (I’m just getting started alright), I did a Tabata routine, some yoga and I’m casually doing a plank challenge where I add 5 seconds to my plank every day.

Today was magic. I told my mom I was going to go for a run outside. Just to make sure, I opened the front door and stood there for a bit. Not bad. Donned my gear and I was out the door. I was feeling ambitious and chose to revisit a 5k route I had run last fall. I was feeling pretty good the whole way which was great. I got to my house at 5.03 km but instead of heading home I decided I wanted an even 6k so I ran around the block for the final kilometre.

I wasn’t planning to run tomorrow and then mom suggested I go. I was gearing myself up to go but then a friend texted and asked if I wanted to grab a coffee with her. I hadn’t seen her a whole lot since she started as a grade 7 teacher so I wasn’t going to pass up the chance to see her. I had plans to make Nanaimo bars with my boy later that evening so I randomly decided that I would run to his place. It’s dark by 5 PM here and I mentioned to L that I only have a high-visibilty vest. She laughed at me and said no way was I running in that so we stopped by Sport Chek and each picked up some magnetic reflective bands.

When I got home I got my running gear on and I was out the door. He only lives 2.78 km away (according to RunKeeper) and I made it there in15 minutes. Yay me!

My goal tomorrow is to run at least another 6k, but I would love to do an 8 and I mapped out a new route to take.

I won’t be renewing my gym pass in February, that I know. I can be spending that money in better ways. I love running outside.

In other news yesterday I wanted to make chocolate chip, craisin, oatmeal cookies and they were a major, huge, horrific disaster.  I convinced my mom to make the cookies tonight and she did and she also left me a lovely note. Haha! I loved it.

In other news, my boy’s roomie and best friend qualified for the Olympics. He was reading his itinerary and he said he was leaving February 14. Thinking of his fiancee, I responded with ‘Feb 14? shitty!’ He had no idea. Neither did my boy. ‘You guys… it’s Valentine’s Day…’ They both responded with SHIIIIIIT. I couldn’t help but point out how dumb they are. Ha. Boys.

Update: Today’s run (Friday) was 8 km. So yay for meeting my goals!


I don’t know when I first started making smoothies but I had a good routine when I was working. My smoothies vary but I think they’re a great part of my diet.

My smoothies usually consist of:

1 banana
1/2 dessert tofu pack (almond is yummy)
Handful of spinach
Couple scoops of plain yogourt
Soy milk
Fresh or frozen berries
Coconut oil
Chia or flax seed

I need to start using kale… that stuff is awesome. I saw something on tumblr where they blended spinach and then froze them in ice cube trays for later. I thought that was an amazing idea. You don’t have to worry about your spinach leaves going bad and they’re ready to go in no time! So that’s what me and mom did today. I’ll leave a note on the bottom about how they are.

Oh! I went for a run today… OUTSIDE! True story. It wasn’t bad at all. It was 0 C and about an hour after I got home it started to snow… and it’s still snowing. Boo. But it is January in Northwest BC so I can’t be too upset. But it was a good run and I’m so proud of myself for going!

Any smoothie recipes you wanna share with me? 🙂 Have a great Monday!

My Words Are My Wings: My 250th Post!

I started this blog May 2012.

I’ve appreciated every comment, every like, every follow. At 150 followers (eeeee!!) I really enjoying putting something out there and I do my best to ensure what I’m placing on my blog has substance. My blog has evolved since my first posts and it has continued to grow and reflect my interests. I try to cover what’s important to me without being all over the map.

Natural hair was my first love and I still enjoy writing about Rocco, through trials, tribulations and success, I am still in love with my natural hair.

Fitness is also something I try and incorporate into my life and therefore my blog. I have been on both ends of the spectrum; slothful and sedentary and then insanely active. Both are easy when you’re into it. Not moving from the couch is so simple, yet getting up for a morning run can be equally as easy– once you’re into it. The hard part is the transition! Going from that couch to putting on those running shoes and hitting the road is brutal. I’m in that place now. But once you’re out there, tunes on, hair up, it’s a great feeling and your body thanks you. Biking and running, count me in.

Money stuff. Not so thrilling to chat about but it is part of every day of our lives. It influences our actions, decisions, and those decisions affect us. I want to be in control of my money and not at its mercy. That’s me.

Minimalism and simple living. I found myself diving into the world of minimalism, allowing the simple themes to influence my living. I removed a lot of stuff from my living space and felt a huge freedom in that action. I try and incorporate this simplistic ideal in other areas of my life and it has proven worthwhile.

Cooking. A little side addition, but I’ve shared some recipes that I’ve tried and liked. I plan to add more.

I also write the occasional poem and oftentimes I surprise myself.

So thank you for reading this blog. Whether you were there at the beginning or came across it recently, it’s great to know My Curly Potential has been enjoyed by others.


Running + A Recipe

My second 10k run this morning! Let me break it down for you. I started out pretty strong. I was even thinking to myself ‘wow, I’ve really picked up the pace’. I wasn’t exhausting myself or sprinting but for about 3k I was maintaining a pace a little faster than I usually do. But then I realized I can’t continue for another 7k at this pace so I did take it down a notch.

My route where I turn around was at about 4k and I stretched for a moment. My right hip always feels a little ‘out’ when I run. I should look into this before I injure myself. But I did stop to stretch, feel the breeze and take a couple of pics. The temperature was great, about 8C and there was some nice ocean air. Plenty of other walkers with their dogs on the route which was nice.

Anyway, the last 6k my pace was slower and fairly steady. I did come in at 54:20 so that’s about 3 minutes off which is aaawesome. I think I’m going to do a 5k tomorrow, maybe improve my time for that.

So yeah, second 10k is down and since then I have cleaned the bathroom, eaten my yummy steel cut oats with apple (I am convinced to find and try the crockpot recipe for this), and now I am jamming out on my couch to Michael Jackson beats!

Here are some photos from my run!

And now! The moment you’ve all been waiting for!!!! *drumroll*

The most DELICIOUS quinoa recipe I have experienced thus far. I kid you not. Yesterday, Roomie-T mentioned she was going toIMG_2294 make a quinoa salad that her mom had made her while she was home visiting and I was all, cool. Little did I know this would be the best thing to happen to my mouth in a long time. So here it is!! Try to contain your excitement. Look at this beauty!

Now the recipe calls for chicken stock/chicken but if you’re veggie (like me, for the duration of Lent, more on that later) then veggie stock and a whackload of yummy veggies will do you just fine. We added chickpeas. The recipe is here. It’s super easy, the only thing you have to cook is the quinoa. I’ve decided this has just moved it’s way up to being featured as my ‘lunch for the week’. *pause for applause* It’s a coveted title in my world. The recipe also called for kalamata olives (yumm!!) but roomie-T isn’t a fan so she skipped this. But for my week’s lunch I am going to add peppers and olives. I am going to be one happy girl!

Oh and for the sake of randomness here’s some pics from my V-Day which I realized was V-Day about after lunch and at that point it got a ‘meh’ from me.

Three Cheers For Oatmeal!

How do I love theeLet me count the ways.

You may not look pretty but you pack a punch when it comes to my hunger and my budget. Plus there’s always stuff to add, apples, flax seed, brown sugar. And there are soo many things great about oatmeal nutrition-wise. Iron and fibre to start.

Mm, oatmeal, you make me look goooood!

Listening To My Body — It Pays

Food. Love it. Pizza and sushi are up there as my favourite meals. Those are closely followed by nachos, burritos, falafal wraps, pasta, chips!, anything that requires a chipotle dip, chicken fingers, anything my mom cooks, potato skins… you get the point. As a kid you pretty much eat whatever is put in front of you. Unless you really don’t like it and get sent to your room (sorry Pops. I’m sure if I tried your pineapple turkey [or was it chicken?] I would enjoy it but my 7-year-old self just wasn’t feeling it). I wasn’t a particularly picky eater and there wasn’t anything that I can remember that upset my stomach.

Then I moved out. Game-changer right there. First of all, good luck trying to cook like mom and pop. Those guys can whip a meal out of anything. Now you’re stuck making grocery lists (wha?), calling mom to ask if you should boil a potato or stick it in the oven… calling pops to see how to cook fish. I have had my fair share of meals that did not make the cut.

Also as you grow your dietary preferences change. As a kid I drank milk like crazy. 4L jugs wouldn’t last long between my brother and I. One thing I noticed after moving out and after a couple of years was that my body was not a fan of milk. Nope. I won’t describe the side effects but they were less than pleasant. Did I change my habits? No not so much. Sour cream, yogurt and cheese were still part of my diet even though I knew they were not doing me any favours.

When I started to cut down on how much dairy I consumed it made a difference. No more sour cream for me amongst other things.

Recently I replaced my milk with soy milk and I have found myself to be much happier because of it. It takes a little getting used to but I am quite content to drink a glass of vanilla soy milk, use it on my oatmeal, make a soy chai latte. I really don’t miss milk. And I’m still getting my calcium plus a bunch of other vitamins and nutrients.

Cheese is a little trickier but the last time I ate nachos I just included guacamole and salsa and I was good. I can’t avoid cheese on pizza but then again I rarely eat pizza and usually when I have a meal I follow it with a mug of green tea. Love Genmaicha from David’s tea. It helps digestion.

Just thought I would share that little tidbit about how listening to myself helped. It was worth it to make some changes.