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I’m Going Home!

I have seen pictures of the red earth but now I get to walk it.

I will see anthills taller than my head. And hear birds whose names I do not know.

I’ve heard the names of family and loved ones but now I get to hug them!

It’s almost too good to be true.

I will see the hospital where I was born and the city that held us until our departure.

I will walk with my mom through her school yard.

I will see the trees that look like someone has sat on them.

I will see a new set of stars. I will see a different set of skies.

I will be surrounded by a language my tongue did not learn.

I will walk.

I will see The Smoke That Thunders. I will feel it on my face and feel the freshness on my skin.

I wil be surrounded by family. I will be loved. I will be home.

4 thoughts on “I’m Going Home!

  1. Have a wonderful time and please share pictures. I am a new visitor and enjoy reading your thoughts and experiences. Your writing is very engaging, are you an aspiring novelist?
    I admire your strength and playful acceptance of Rocco and your relationship. Funny I always wanted a son who I would name Rocco;) enjoy and stay beautiful Ndeshimona.
    Safe trip to and from home.

    • Thank you for your words Coco! They’re encouraging to me. I’ll be heading home in about 9 weeks but you can be sure I will capture moments in my trip to share with you all.
      I’ve always enjoyed writing and I am so glad I started this blog. I love looking back at older posts, it’s like a time capsule! I also appreciate hearing from those who read my words so thank you. Hehe Rocco. Much love 🙂

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