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Two Wheels and Many Hills

I went for a massive bike ride on Saturday. Massive to me at least.

I biked to the lake with two friends. 15 k one way with a solid downhill. We were zipping at 35 km/hour and it was thrilling and terrifying and FREEZING. Biking uphill I was all sweats and taking off my hoodie then of course the sun disappeared for a bit and all of a sudden it was minus 2 and windy as all hell.

It was amazing.

My friend and I had been planning this spring/summer bike ride ever since the snow started falling. We’d done a ride like this when we were 19. So here we were 7 years later not feeling as spry but just as determined. Our other friend A joined us for this ride. I’ve only known A for about 7 months. She’s the fiancee of my bf’s best friend. I really like her and so we invited her for the ride. A’s an athlete and you may be surprised to learn she only has one leg. Yeah. BUt get this… we were heading uphill and that girl, with one leg on one pedal was hauling ass up the hill. The pecking order uphill always went A, me, then L. Legit.

Granted A was less willing to stop on an uphill because it was difficult to get started on a hill but she was a good 20 metres ahead of me. I was amazed and then I realized I need to stop underestimating people. Anyone and everyone. Who cares if she has one leg, she’s definitely capable.

It was a fantastic ride. We stopped at the lake and had a picnic lunch then continued on. We circled back to town on a different route and the area was gorgeous. So stunning. I LOVE spring and summer. I love the leaves emerging from trees, I love the squirrels and birds being chatty and running around. I love the sound of water running and wind at my back (preferably, no one likes a head wind when biking or running). It was exactly what I needed.

The next morning I was curious and stepped on the scale. There was movement. In the downward direction. I actually squealed a bit. I try not to let the numbers on a scale dictate my mindset but that really encouraged me. It was early on a Sunday morning and after seeing that change I donned my running gear and went out for a run. I was feeling a little discouraged about changing from a 21 to a 10 km but that run was all I needed.

Oh! Speaking of, L and I registered for our run in July!! We also booked camping spots! That’s right. We’re camping!!! Haida Gwaii, please treat us right, I’m so excited!! We’re going to take the ferry over (7 hour ride, oy!) and we’re going to take everything in that we can in the days we’re there. I’m so excited to share that experience with you guys 🙂

That’s all from me today. Have a lovely week guys and do something for yourself that makes you happy and healthy!


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