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I Want To Get Fit, I Swear!

It’s sooo haaaard!!!!

I want to see changes in my body.

I want to run faster and longer.

I want to compete in my goal race in July.

I want to make good food choices.

But food has this hold on me!

When I zone out in meetings I’m usually thinking about all the food I could be eating… scalloped potatoes, yorkshire pudding, nachos… when I veg with my friends we don’t chow down on carrot sticks. Being hungry isn’t being happy to me. Being hungry means being hangry, cranky, annoyed, sad… chowing down makes me happy and content and feeling like I just did myself a solid.

When I went to the gym in the mornings I was pretty good at keeping my eating habits in control. Back when a 6 am gym time was a pain, now it’s a luxury. If I want to exercise in the morning before work I’m looking at a 4 am call time 😦 I really feel like I need incentive. That carrot on a string in front of me… sad right? I mean I enjoy running. Especially on the weekends. But I have the whole day to walk around, be active, be outside. When I’m sitting in front of a computer for 10 hours a day I want to distract myself and enjoy some part of it. Yknow? Anyone feeling me?? How do you blast through that wall of blaah and just kick ass? I need some guidance here!

A lot of these apply to me… “24 Hilarious Ways Girls Struggle With Food Everyday”


2 thoughts on “I Want To Get Fit, I Swear!

  1. I know what you’re feeling. I can’t be too happy or super-productive when my belly isn’t satisfied. You could try planning your meals and snacks for the day, tailor it to things you can easily make, or find around you. I’ve found that it helps. Drawing one up can be a little difficult, but you’ll be glad you did.

    • Meal plans are a good start for sure. If I can find something more exciting that carrots I think I’ll be a happy girl. I love sites like FoodGawker for food ideas so I’ll hit that up. Thanks for the comment! I appreciate it 🙂

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