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Work Work Work, Sleep, Run, Socialize, Sleep, Work

It’s 9:14 PM and I’m in bed. Satin cap on. Hair washed and twisted. Teeth brushed. Yep. Another day.

I started washing my hair a little late today but I had my hair in sections after shampooing and deep conditioning it and was tidying my room when my mom got home. We needed groceries and I needed lunch stuff so clearly I wouldn’t have time to do my hair. I released my hair from its sections and fluffed it out for a large puff. When I got home I was ready to get my hair set for the week. I liked the look of my big afro puff but I knew I was in for a treat. My hair had been detangled and set to dry in sections and now it was essentially a wash and go. I actually haven’t worn my hair loose and out in close to a year. It didn’t take too much longer, but since it was dry I steamed it so I could twist it long and stretch it. About an hour and a half later I was good to go.



My favourite topic right now! I convinced L to find a training plan on RunKeeper. She’s aiming for a 5k, which she demolished recently so will likely be upping that to a 10k. We were women on a mission this weekend. We had plans for a full Saturday it made for a fantastic day. First off, it was the first spring like day this year. I was in leggings and flats and L had a sundress and boots. I stayed over at her place Friday night. We watched a movie, gabbed and ate the yummy tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches L made.

Saturday morning we were up at yoga at 9 am. After living here for 7 months I was finally able to actually go to a class with L and yknow? She loved it. We got a good stretch and were both laughing when we admitted our arms hurt the next day. After class we parted and I went for my 4.8 k trail run while she walked her dogs. We met up again for sushi lunch and then wandered and shopped for lip gloss and workout clothes. I got two 2 Nike workout T’s from Winners and a hat from SportChek. After our successful shopping trip we visited a local craft fair and L purchased a gorgeous handmade mug. (I really want to take a pottery class).

L and I are kicking ass at this training program. We plan to run a race in July together. We also made plans for a bike to the lake (about 20 kms one way) with a picnic lunch in two weeks. Ambitious? Quite. An adventure? Absolutely!

Today I did my 8 km long run. On a normal run, say 5k, my average time is about 5:30/km. I can see myself running a race pace of about 6:00/km. Mostly to keep myself from tiring out to quickly. 5:30 is on the border of comfort and pushing myself. 5:15 is pushing myself. I noticed in my long runs I usually average out about 5:45/6:00. I love that I can look back on previous runs with the RunKeeper app. I can actually average out my long run days and see where I’m at.

So far in this training program I’ve run 46.4 km/29 miles. Can’t complain about that. Although my hamstring are soooore. I need to make sure they’re well stretched and taken care of so I don’t injure myself. The rest of the month has me running 56.2 km/35. So for the month of April I will have run at least 102.6 km/64 miles.


I’m pretty excited, I worked my full two weeks this pay term so I can expect a full paycheck. Now I’ll be able to accurately base my budgets on a full 100 hour two week work portion. I do need to watch my spending actively. Because I work so much and am never home/have the time to go out and do things during the week I manage to spend a big fat zero Mondays to Fridays. But then Saturday and Sunday roll around and I’m less $132.35. Ouch. What’d I spend that on? Slurpee/chips, yoga class, dinner, beer (went to a concert with my boy Satuday night. We’re supposed to be on a diet buuuuut… haha).


During lunch with L I had an epiphany. I’ve been wanting a tattoo for about 5 years now and I’ve had the same idea these entire 5 years. It’s never changed but now… I have money! I can afford to get a tattoo. L’s getting her second one so we’re going to go together. I have some work to do researching artists around here and finalizing my tat. But I’m pretty jazzed! 🙂



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