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Great Weekend of Running & Hiking

I did all my training runs this week!

Days 1, 2 & 3: 4.8k/3 miles
Day 4: 8 km/5 miles

Next week I’ve got two 4.8k runs, 6.4k and another 8k. That will get me comfortable with running regularly again. I’m excited!

I feel kinda of creaky right now but last night I spent some quality time in a hot tub which was heavenly. Now I’m sitting with a towel on my head deep conditioning. I need to trim my ends but I don’t know if that’s going to happen today. Maybe next week… (famous last words, I know).

B and I went for a hike yesterday. I’m so shit with directions and I wanted to take him on a hike I went on about 4 months ago.. oy. Me: “I don’t remember it being this far… Maybe it’s just over that hill… Look for a tiny blue sign on the side of the road. It should be coming up now… I don’t remember passing this rest stop.” FINALLY we got there and I didn’t realize it was still winter outside of town so I couldn’t drive in like we did in the fall because there was still snow. So we hiked in from the road and B pointed out animal tracks and I was all shut up shut up shut up. I like nature I just don’t like what’s living in nature. And I am shit scared of bears. But they were moose tracks. Aight cool. We hiked up but only to the first lake, not all three, since it took us so long to find the place at all we were losing day time.

The hike was wonderful though, even with it pouring rain. It was just what I needed. After our hike we met up with B’s coworker and his gf who actually works for the same company I do but in a different department. They were great and dinner was yummy. Then it was BBQ and hot tubbin at our friends. I was DD so I took B’s car, dropped him off, then L and I looked at each other and decided we both needed food. It was so good but so bad but so good.

This morning I suited up for my run, dropped B’s car off at his place and ran from his back to mine, the long route, since I had 8k to cover. Got home and here I am with a towel on my head. A pretty solid weekend actually. Now I’m going to spend some quality time with S a

With L being a teacher and me being at work 90% of my weekdays, we realized we hadn’t seen each other in a full week! I gave her the biggest of hugs when I saw her at the BBQ. Friends 🙂


Rocco has been washed, deep conditioned, blow dried to stretch, trimmed (he needed it!) and twisted. He is set for a while. Phew. Glad that’s done.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Next week I’m going to be spending a lot of time in meetings so lunch/snacks are being provided. It saves me cash on buying foods but I do need to be aware of what I’m eating and not eat for two just cause it’s free yknow? 😉





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