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I Wanna Chat With You!

Hey everyone,

My natural hair anniversary is sneaking up on me and I’m going to put out a little vid fun. So I wanted to put out an offer, if you have any questions about my natural hair journey or about your natural hair journey or you’re my hair twin and want to know what I do with my hair or what I use… send me an email, tweet, or just say hi! That’s cool too. I would actually love to hear from you all. I’ve been blogging since May 2012 so that anniversary is coming up as well but in general… yeah I just want to hear from you. If I can answer your questions, cool, or I’d love to just discuss some topics. I’ll leave that to you 🙂

email: curlypotential@gmail.com

twitter: @CurlyPotential

Q 1 – From Isle of Azure: Do you do twists? If yes, how do you daily maintain them? What do you love about being natural?

I loooove twists. I like to put my hair in mini twists on wash days and wear them for two weeks. At some point during the two weeks I’ll take the twists out and wear a mini-twist-out. I like that I can style my hair as though its loose, but that my hair is still together which allows for less tangles/knots.

To maintain them I first prep them by running some curl enhancing smoothie in them before I twist them up. On the ends I’ll use shea butter. Throughout the week if I feel they need some moisture, I can spritz the ends with water, or steam the ends, and rub some coconut oil throughout and seal with shea butter.

I love that natural hair is my own. My most recent adventure with extensions made me realize that I actually just prefer my own hair. Natural hair is so so so so versatile. You can have 50 naturals in a room and they can all have different styles. It’s amazing!

Q 2 – From An Afrikan Butterfly: Length retention. What’s your approach? Like what part of your regimen/ hair life do you think helps you retain length the most?

If I can keep my hair low on knots and breakage, I can trim my hair less. If I can style my hair in a way that I can leave it for a couple of weeks, I can let it do its thing. I don’t see split ends in my hair. I do see single strand knots however and those tend to get caught on each other resulting in tangles and frustration. To curb that, every once in a while, as needed, I will dust my ends. I think I did that twice last year.

As far as length retention, I try and keep my regimen and products simple and while I do use a comb and brush, I try and be gentle and I don’t force either tools through my hair. If I’m at the point where I’m using a brush or comb then that means I’ve already detangled. But in general, I like to set my hair up with low manipulation styles that I can keep in for a while.

Also, I don’t know if this adds to it, but the only heat I use is blow drying twice a month and not very much. I don’t aim to get my hair pin straight when blowdrying, more just stretched before putting in my twists. I’m curious about flat-ironing it but I’m also terrified of heat damage!


5 thoughts on “I Wanna Chat With You!

  1. Sweet and congratulations dear!!!!! Cannot wait to see your video. I do have a question, actually 3 :), do you do twists? If yes, how do you daily maintain them? and what do you love about being natural.
    Thanks for answering, a lot I know, hehehe but your hair is so healthy, I know you have great advice.

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