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My One Week of Oil Pulling

From what I’ve read oil pulling is an Ayurvedic oral care treatment where you rinse your mouth with oil for 10-20 minutes on a regular basis. Oils that I’ve heard are used include sesame, sunflower, olive and coconut oil (I’m sure there are more).

Benefits can include; whiter teeth, fresher breath, healthier gums, less tooth sensitivity, helps flight plaque, general oral health. Read more here.

Day 1: Friday morning and I am putting a heaping teaspoon of solid coconut oil in my mouth. It took some convincing and as I am chewing it to dissolve I’m having a hard time trying not to gag. It’s suggested to do this for 10 – 20 minutes. I currently have my timer going for 5 minutes. If I can make it that long I may add another 5 and do a solid 10. I’m swishing it around in my mouth and it definitely feels a bit strange. It actually doesn’t taste like anything which is nice, it just feels like it’s heavier than water or saliva. I’ll be real with you, I have a garbage can sitting next to me in case I need to bail at any point.

Alright, 5 minutes is up. I set it for another 5 minutes. I think I can swing it.

It didn’t take too long to see I should not be swishing too hard. I can feel the muscles in my neck and jaw start to hate me.

Yay! Made it 10 minutes!

I’ll see how I feel after this week. Maybe it’s something I’ll incorporate every other day or maybe it doesn’t do anything for me and I nix this idea. I’ll let you know!

Day 2 and 3: I need to get wise and start melting this oil down before putting it in my mouth. This whole chew chew gag bit is not so fun. I made it to 15 minutes both days time. Yay! My teeth do feel smoother.

Day 4: I got wise and melted the coconut oil. Muuuuch better.

Day 5: Still good

Day 6: I made it 20 minutes! My chompers are feeling good. Fresher breath? I would say so.

Day 7: My teeth may not be glowing like a brand new car but they feel smoother all round. It’s just a nice. What’s nice about coconut oil is when it’s in your mouth you don’t really taste anything. It just feels like a liquid, heavier than water but not so thick. Once I spit it out I taste the coconut milkishness. It’s not bad. Oh and I only spit it out in the garbage. We all know coconut oil solidifies in colder temperatures so I don’t want to give it the opportunity to clog up the pipes, especially since I’m doing it regularly.

Why am I trying oil pulling? I discovered coconut oil about two years ago. At the time I had decided to cut my hair and start growing my curls naturally instead of chemically processing my coily hands to straighten them. Coconut oil was a huge benefit to my hair. About a month ago I apprehensively ditched all of my chemically laden face washes/creams and opted to cleanse with warm water and coconut oil and to finish each cleanse with cold water. My skin is generally pretty dry so I started using coconut oil to moisturize and I can say I like the simplicity of my regimen and my skin appears to enjoy it as well. So let’s see how this oil pulling goes.

Will I continue? I think I just might. I might maintain an every other day sort of routine just to give my mouth that health boost. But I like the option of having a nice, natural cleansing method.

Update: March 9. I think this whole routine has cleared out my sinuses like crazy. I didn’t have a cold but my sinuses felt stuffy. I felt like I may be getting a sore throat but it never developed into a cold. My sinuses just seemed off and then a day later they were good to go. I needed to blow my nose a lot and now… I feel really good. I did skip a day because my sinuses were off and I didn’t want to suffocate while oil-pulling but I’m back on now. I’m also able to make it the full 20 minutes. It’s easy when you go about your morning routine like normal (other than brushing your teeth). So I shower, moisturize, set up my hair stuff and moisturize my hair while swishing coconut oil around.

Have you tried oil pulling? How did it go? If you haven’t would you consider it?


7 thoughts on “My One Week of Oil Pulling

    • I’m liking what I’m feeling so far. My sinuses at first felt really clear and for some reason just today they feel stuffy. I didn’t oil pull today because I wasn’t breathing through my nose very well and didn’t want to suffocate.

      But my teeth felt cleaner and my mouth feels fresher all round. I like it and my friend has jumped on it.

    • It’s interesting isn’t it? I have yet to try mudwashing but I think it’s worth looking into.

      It kind of makes sense that things that go in your body, say apple cider vinegar, can also help outside your body, like acv for scalp-cleansing. I like that what I find in my kitchen can have multiple uses.

      If I can cut down on the amount of man-made chemicals I introduce to my body I think the happier and healthier I’ll be.

      So for now I’m going to hang onto this method and we’ll see what happens 🙂

      Thanks for reading!

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