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Havana Twists Are In! Round 2

I’ve gone back and forth several times about putting in Havana twists these past few months. Initally I said I would put them in when it started to snow but that never happened. There was a good week where it was warm enough for me to run outside and I took advantage of it so I didn’t want extra hair weighing me down. But now we’ve got a solid 2 feet of snow and I was also thinking… If I put them in now and wear them for four weeks I can take them out right before my 2 year natural hair anniversary mid-march!

They took me about 3 hours to put in and I did it all myself! I was pretty jazzed about that. I started out with huge twists but they weren’t looking that great so I went smaller and I’m glad I did. I got a rhythm down and I was flying through them in no time.

As far as prep, I had washed, and blown out my hair the previous Sunday so my hair was stretched and good to go. Last night I sectioned my hair into the size of twists I thought I would use for the extensions and twisted them up so it would be easier to manage. I also moisturized and detangled as I went.

I used one strand for each section so I only ended up using 1 full pack. Am I cray? I really like how it turned out. Last time I sort of gave up and they looked a little wonky but I was consistent (and patient) this time around.

I like this with one pack actually because it feels aĀ lot lighter than the first time around.

What do you think? Have you tried this style before? Would you give it a go?


10 thoughts on “Havana Twists Are In! Round 2

    • Aw that will look so good! I’m looking forward to the point where I can wear these twists with my own hair too. I never twisted my hair until I went natural for me it was just braids so I’m really happy I’ve been introduced to this style. Also mini-twists with my own hair save me when I want to put my hair away for a week or two.

      • Yes indeed, mini twists are fun but take long, the longest time I can keep in is 2 weeks because after that my hair starts to loc šŸ™‚ then detangling is a pain šŸ™‚

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  2. Love marley braids and you did an amazing job. Very surprised that you were able to make 1 pack work for you. I am wondering if that’s because ur hair as already very thick. Hmmmm.
    On another note, can I do a feature post about your hair on my blog? If you’d be happy to do so then drop me a line at nekisha.lewis@hotmail.com. I saw your feature on Hey Natural Beauties. Perhaps you can just recycle most of those answers (my questions are really pretty similar) Let me know what you think. Thanks!

    • I think my hair is fairly thick. But the pieces themselves were a good size too. I’m not sure how much I love protective styles with extensions… I miss my hair and it’s only been two weeks haha. I’ve legit been wearing this hair in a high bun the entire time which is nice but makes me swear every time I get out of a car and it hits the ceiling. I’m gonna give this until early March then go back to my mini-twists with my hair šŸ™‚
      I’d absolutely love to do a feature! I’ll send you an email.

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