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My Natural Hair Moments

You know those moments when you sigh and think yep… natural hair life. I’m gonna share a couple of mine with you. Let me know which ones you identify with!

  1. Taking down twists, thinking I got all of them and a day later finding one or two
  2. Too impatient to find a scissors to snip a single strand knot so I snap it off with my fingers
  3. My friend texting me to hang out on wash day. ‘Friends’ will wonder what you’re doing for so long. ‘Besties’ will know what’s up and schedule for later in the day
  4. Styling my hair for helmet compatibility
  5. Being excited I can pull my hair up into a bun or ponytail
  6. Arms getting tired halfway through putting in mini-twists, or flat twists, or braids, or blow drying or…
  7. Having an amazing twist-out and taking 30 selfies so I have proof it happened
  8. Trying to replicate that amazingly soft, bouncy, defined twist-out that my selfies swear happened
  9. The fact that my hair has a birthday
  10. Planning out days and styles a week in advance
  11. Realizing my style is good to go for a couple more days past wash day is like doing a victory lap
  12. Wearing a plastic shopping bag on my head like it’s nothing
  13. Being excited to come across a blog with someone who is your hair twin and has great information
  14. Trying a new hairstyle from someone’s tutorial and adding my own twist to it
  15. Loving my hair in all of its crazy glory 🙂

Here’s a gallery of pics from my phone. All sorts of up, down, in, out, crazy, fun, twisted, twist out goodness.

Alright, what are some of your natural hair moments? And which ones of mine did you immediately agree with?


12 thoughts on “My Natural Hair Moments

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  2. Lol!
    I can totally relate to 1, 6, 7, 9, 13 and 14 since I’m still in the TWA stage.
    Taking breaks in between five to six twists, haha!
    I can’t wait to feel the excitement when my hair goes up in a bun or when it’s super full.
    I still have a long way to go.
    Your hair is gorgeous by the way.

    • Thank you! 🙂

      Aah the TWA stage is the best! I really like your cut too. Looking back I wish I had played with a short fade or something funky when I’d done my Big Chop.

      You’re in for a lot of fun (and sometimes frustrating) milestones but something I really, really is being able to get to know my hair. Yknow? And trying a new style for the first time is so satisfying haha.

      • Sure.
        Thank you!
        The TWA stage is the best; little or no manipulation, low maintenance but sometimes you just want that disturbance from having so much hair, lol.
        My hair is in two strand twists currently, I hope that helps me retain length. I don’t wear my hair out often though I plan on wearing it out once a week, I guess that’s a fair deal. #teamhealthynaturalhair, lol!

      • Yeah, I like to wear my tucked away. I don’t remember the last time I wore a puff or just a ‘fro. But then again it is winter… maybe they’ll happen more in the summer.

        But lower manipulation styles do benefit my strands. Less tangling, less time putting it up into a style, there are pros and cons to every side.

        I was just thinking maybe I’ll put them in Curlformers… but I remembered I have an early morning gym class so that wouldn’t serve me well.

        Natural hair life right? haha 🙂

      • Oh true.
        I bet you can’t wait for summer so you’d let the ‘fro out.
        I get lazy at times so putting my hair in twists is good. Besides I get bored sometimes then I comb my hair, or just play with it.
        My combs are FAR away now, thank God for two strand twists.
        Combs are quite harsh on my curls and finger detangling my 1″and half hair is just deceit. it just curls right back.

        It’s really the natural hair life.

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