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There’s still snow on the ground but not on the roads or sidewalks and that’s what counts. I did a 3k run on Monday and an hour after I got home it started to snow. Tuesday I was running around a lot but in the evening I managed to cycle on stationary Hermie for 15 minutes (I’m just getting started alright), I did a Tabata routine, some yoga and I’m casually doing a plank challenge where I add 5 seconds to my plank every day.

Today was magic. I told my mom I was going to go for a run outside. Just to make sure, I opened the front door and stood there for a bit. Not bad. Donned my gear and I was out the door. I was feeling ambitious and chose to revisit a 5k route I had run last fall. I was feeling pretty good the whole way which was great. I got to my house at 5.03 km but instead of heading home I decided I wanted an even 6k so I ran around the block for the final kilometre.

I wasn’t planning to run tomorrow and then mom suggested I go. I was gearing myself up to go but then a friend texted and asked if I wanted to grab a coffee with her. I hadn’t seen her a whole lot since she started as a grade 7 teacher so I wasn’t going to pass up the chance to see her. I had plans to make Nanaimo bars with my boy later that evening so I randomly decided that I would run to his place. It’s dark by 5 PM here and I mentioned to L that I only have a high-visibilty vest. She laughed at me and said no way was I running in that so we stopped by Sport Chek and each picked up some magnetic reflective bands.

When I got home I got my running gear on and I was out the door. He only lives 2.78 km away (according to RunKeeper) and I made it there in15 minutes. Yay me!

My goal tomorrow is to run at least another 6k, but I would love to do an 8 and I mapped out a new route to take.

I won’t be renewing my gym pass in February, that I know. I can be spending that money in better ways. I love running outside.

In other news yesterday I wanted to make chocolate chip, craisin, oatmeal cookies and they were a major, huge, horrific disaster.  I convinced my mom to make the cookies tonight and she did and she also left me a lovely note. Haha! I loved it.

In other news, my boy’s roomie and best friend qualified for the Olympics. He was reading his itinerary and he said he was leaving February 14. Thinking of his fiancee, I responded with ‘Feb 14? shitty!’ He had no idea. Neither did my boy. ‘You guys… it’s Valentine’s Day…’ They both responded with SHIIIIIIT. I couldn’t help but point out how dumb they are. Ha. Boys.

Update: Today’s run (Friday) was 8 km. So yay for meeting my goals!


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