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Wash Day: Rocco’s Routine

At 22 months Rocco’s got length and height and is a handful if left to his own devices.

I normally wash my hair once a week and generally on the weekends. It used to be on Sundays but that was getting in the way so it’s now been moved to Thursdays.

Products I Use

Water | Giovanni Deep Moisture Shampoo  | TRESemme Naturales Conditioner | Shea Butter | Coconut Oil | Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie (sometimes) | Olive Oil Deep Replenishing

Step 1: The Pre-poo (30 mins)
If I can convince myself to take the time, I try to moisturize my strands before hopping in the shower. This is also a good opportunity for me to detangle a bit. First off, I section my hair into 4. I used to spritz with warm water but recently I have been steaming each section with the Q-Redew. I’ll section a piece and, after steaming, work coconut oil in and make a chunky twist and secure it with an elastic. I put a plastic bag on, wrap a towel on top and clean my room or something.

Step 2: Wash (15 mins)
Depending on the state of my scalp, I sometimes give it a good scrub with apple cider vinegar. It’s actually been a couple of weeks since I’ve last ACV rinsed and my scalp has been okay. I have my hair sectioned in 4 and I shampoo, rinse and condition my hair and put them back in their twisted sections. I try and detangle in the shower with a wide-toothed comb while my hair is lathered in conditioner and since I did some detangling while pre-pooing this doesn’t take too long. I will put the section back into a twist and secure it with an elastic. I leave my hair in sections when I get out.

Step 3: Deep Conditioner (45 mins)
I dry my hair a little and then I put coconut oil through it followed by the deep conditioner. I detangle with my fingers and a wide toothed comb as needed and twist each section back up. Leaving my hair in its 4-6 sections I put the bag back on for 45 minutes or so. After that I rinse out my conditioner but I make sure to leave it in sections and twist each back up afterwards. So in the end, all of my detangling has occurred during the conditioning process and I won’t have to worry too much about detangling as it’s drying.

Step 4: Setting My Hair (1 hour)
I’ve gone through the trouble of keeping my hair detangled in sections to make this step a whole lot easier. Now I need to stretch my hair in one way or another. This may include blow drying, putting it in two-strand twists, braids, bantu knots, banding it. I stretch my hair depending on the style I want for the week.

Normally I’ll put them in medium twists that I can wear throughout the week. It’s usually evening by this time so it has to be a style comfortable to sleep in. Also this is when my initial layering of oils comes in. I took all the time to moisturize so now I want to make sure it continues to be moisturized.

Coconut oil is my base. I take a portion and run it through the sections of hair. Shea butter I usually use on my ends as it is a little heavy but that’s generally my sealer. If I’m twisting it up I’ll run some Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie through it. Lately I have been blow drying it using the tension method.

In general it takes about 3 hours if I do all 4 steps. If it’s a quick day I will simple do steps 2 and 4. Generally it will be steps 2, 3 and 4 but if I have the forethought then it’s all the steps and I generally feel pretty good about myself at that point.

It sounds like a drag and a total time waster, but actually it’s nice having this time to pamper myself. It allows me to sit for more than a moment. Maybe read some blogs or write a post 😉

What does your wash day look like? Does it vary?


16 thoughts on “Wash Day: Rocco’s Routine

  1. Nice girl, good regimen, hehehe, my wash day is 5 hours, which is: 2 hours detangling stretched hair with conditioner and oil, 15 minutes wash with shampoo, massage and tea rinse, then 2 hours 45 minutes to put into protective styles. Lots of work but as you said, it is fun. Especially with your fav old tv shows 😀

    • Absolutely, it’s nice you can alter it as needed. How often do you wash? Whenever you need to or weekly? Bi-monthly? I’ve found once a week keeps my hair happy but sometimes, like this week, I’ve been wearing my hair in mini-twists for 1 week and I may wear the untwisted twists for another week. It’s easy styling which I love.

      • I usually wash every other week. Every week on occasion but not often. Depends on how much running and working out I’m doing. I love wearing the twists and then when that’s run its course to be able to untwist and go is the coolest thing. I love LOVING my hair! Have a good weekend!

      • “I love LOVING my hair!” How beautiful!! I totally feel that too. And it feels like so long ago that I just… I had no idea what my hair was capable of. It’s amazing to be at this point and fully embrace, love and want to nurture your hair. Thank you for the comment 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  2. Usually, I pre-poo for a bit (usually overnight) and then I Shampoo, with a honey & olive oil DC to follow for an hour. The DC is very very messy, but my hair loves it so until I find an alternative, I carry on.
    Then afterwards, I moisturise & seal & finger detangle which is the real time consumer. Weird that everyone else I know detangles in the shower, but I do mine after everything else. Oh well, it works for me 🙂

    And on days I’m lazy or tired or just too busy, I do a mudwash with bentonite clay, honey, castor x olive oil & aloe vera juice. One step treatment that does everything- cleansing, DC and too easy detangling

    As much as possible, I try not to make washday a chore or too long, but I do enjoy the time I spend babying my hair. 😀

    • I love that we all have different routines but we’ve each found what our hair loves. Did you find it took you a while to get this routine figured out? And did you experiment with different deep conditioners and stuff?
      For me having a routine down makes it seem less like a chore and I agree, it’s nice to have time babying my hair and making sure it’s got the best opportunity to flourish.
      Thanks for the comment 🙂

  3. I really enjoyed reading your post you seem to have your regimen sorted! 🙂 We are looking for submissions from natural beauties, to share your hair stories and photo’s with our audience. Have a great sunday! 🙂

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