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What Keeps You Going?

The only way to do something is by starting.

Whether it’s making a blanket, going to the gym, getting a job, you have to start somewhere.

I’ve been going to the gym quite consistently this month. The hardest part? It’s not hearing the alarm, or hitting snooze (that part’s easy), it’s convincing myself to toss my blankets off and emerge from my warm, comfortable bed. After that it’s not so bad.

What I love is once I’m in the gym, I feel good. Once I start running, once my breathing regulates and I’m in my zone I’m feeling it. There are times I curse my existence running on that machine but after stepping off, the feeling of accomplishment makes it worth it.

I mostly started going to the gym to counteract the weight I was slowly but surely piling on. It’s so easy to lose the your running endurance and I didn’t want to start from scratch once spring rolled around and I started running outside. If I can start out the spring with an 8k run I’ll be happy. I’m planning to run a half-marathon this year.

I’m not going to be making New Years’ Resolutions. I still have my 26 before 26 and I’m about halfway there time-wise. While I am still reaching for certain goals on that list, I am okay if I don’t strike everything off the list.

I can say I am a results-oriented individual. I like to see the fruits of my labour. I like to see what I’ve produced and where I can improve. That characteristic is a huge part of why I like running. After a while it stops being a chore and becomes an opportunity for freedom of mind and body. Yoga’s in the same category. I’m always amazed at how far I’ve come between one session of yoga or my first run of the season to where I am after a couple of weeks or months. The transformation that your body achieves is a noticeable. The things you are now capable of that you weren’t before is astonishing and encouraging.

Note: My buddy was ecstatic to receive her blanket! I was happy she was happy and I’m so glad I was able to create something like that and have someone I care about enjoy it 🙂

What motivates you?


2 thoughts on “What Keeps You Going?

  1. It has been a while since I truly felt motivated to do anything, but I’ve started exercising again, and I feel myself getting stronger, and I like it a lot! Seeing results keeps me going. I hope to commit to this for as long as it takes to see progress and from then on, I know I’d be truly inspired!

    • Yeah, since this post my gym pass lapsed. But it’s getting warmer out now (finally) and I’ve started running again and I’m excited to see results. I hope to commit to it as well, I like the progress and I want it to get to the point where it’s a habit and not a task. Wishing you the best on your fitness journey! 🙂

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