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Back To The Gym & Other Things

I bought a gym pass on Sunday and worked out for a bit with a friend. I planned to go yesterday but I was hitting the snooze button like I was playing whack-a-mole. Not a great start. Today I made it count and was out of the house by 6:35 AM. You know what I’m thankful for? I’m thankful for someone letting me know what that middle button on the Jeep’s key fob was. Remote start. Holla! So when it’s -8 C outside (17 F) I turn that puppy on from the warm of my house then a couple of minutes later I make a run for it and it’s warm and ready to go and I’ve got my tunes on.

I say I sprint to the car but this morning I stepped outside and walked to the Jeep and looked up and I could see every star twinkling. It was a crisp, clear, cold night and the night sky was so pretty. I could have pulled out a lawn chair and a mug of tea and just sat and looked up. Best part.

I jumped on the treadmill at the gym and cranked out a 5.1 km (3.2 mile) run. in 20 minutes. There’s something I would have a hard time doing on the road. It’s nice to be able to get my distance up so quickly. My last road run was 5 km and I did that in 27:30 soo it’s fair to say I really upped my speed here. It’s good to be back! I will be in a great place once this becomes a habit.

My gym plan is to lose some weight, up and then maintain my running distance and to become more flexible. My regular weight is 120 lbs and I am currently… *drumroll* 139lbs! Aaah!

Yeah. I was unimpressed with this number and even questioned the scale. But my friends’ scale confirmed it. I have 20 lbs to lose. My goal is to weigh 119. I’m not giving myself a time frame at this point. I want to give my fitness a lot of focus and I want it to become routine and we’ll see how the inches and lbs disappear.

The last time I was this weight I was working at the chocolate store… true story. It’s interesting because at this weight in 2011 I could really see it. My face was bigger, my upper arms, thighs, stomach. But now (and maybe I need to get smaller and then look at a picture of myself now) I see it in my boobs, stomach and probably my butt. Regardless, everything is gonna get trimmed. I will keep you all updated.


In other news, my work conference was fine. I was the youngest person there. Everyone else was over 40, a good number were retired and white. Just sayin, I brought some colour to the place 😛

I’m okay flying… I’ve never been on a flight longer than 90 minutes so I’m definitely not experienced. The planes I go on are general 40-50 seat planes with propellers and they are so loud. Coming home we descended from the clouds and maybe we were a little too high to go on the runway or the runway was busy (unlikely as it’s a tiny airport) so we did a pass around town and came back and oh. my. god. If we had done two passes I probably would have tossed my cookies or had to breathe into a paper bag. You will never catch me on a roller coaster and sometimes even elevators make my stomach drop. This plane was banking left and right so hard and bumping up and down like we were on a jolly-jumper. It was not fun. So I was a happy freaking camper when we made it on the ground.


And here is my blanket!! No, it’s not quite done. I have three more squares to add to it. But I am loooving it now. And this pic is before, my afterwards I sewed all the extra strings into the blanket so that there’s nothing dangling. I’m so excited to finish it. It’s 2 months in and it is on time to send to Saskatchewan for Christmas.

I wouldn’t get a gym pass in the summer. Summer’s my time to hike, run, bike, swim, kayak and pretty much be outside and moving. But now that it’s below zero, the gym is going to be my friend for the next few months.

How do you stay fit when the temperature drops?


4 thoughts on “Back To The Gym & Other Things

  1. So glad things are coming along so well for you, dear one! Thanks for sharing the pics! You are young so you will drop those 20 pounds like nothing…especially when being active for you is a very natural thing. Enjoy this new season of your life and celebrate all of God’s blessings!:-)

    • I’m hoping so, I’m really trying to keep at it. Normally I’m reluctant to workout unless I have a workout buddy but I’ve been going with or without so I just have to keep it up. Thanks for the kind words 🙂

  2. Ola! WOW I cant believe you made that blankey!!!! Sweet! I wish I had the patience to knit for so long! And dude, I weigh 62kgs or about 139 too but I’m short so the weight doesn’t look cute on me. :-p Its summer for us so I have been doing loads of cardio. If it were winter I would still go out and run because it rarely goes below zero for us. And we don’t get any kind of rain or snow in winter so I have no excuses. I also plan to lose weight but maybe 15 pounds. I dunno yet. I just don’t wanna feel unfit and lazy and weak any more. So I totally agree with you about not setting a time limit. It’s all about maintenance in the end. Good luck!

    • That blanket is draining me haha. I will be happy when it’s packed up and shipped off to my friend. I should be done this week. Yay!

      And we can be fitness buddies! Perfect! I’ve been keeping at it so far but I’m not gonna be hitting the scale everyday. That doesn’t help me. So I’ll check in weekly or so. But I hope I see results soon haha. I agree, I don’t want to feel lazy and unfit. It’s not a good look. So I’m gonna get fit, get my cardio up, shed this fat and gain some muscle. All riiight 😉

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