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Adding Moisture To Your Strands

There are many ways to add moisture to your hair. Water is the ultimate moisturizer and we normally follow that with a sealant to contain the moisture. If I’m not washing my hair and need to add moisture I usually use my spray bottle. Some people steam their hair with steam hoods and such.

If I’m doing a conditioning treatment I will often put a plastic bag on my hair and put a towel on top so it creates a greenhouse effect which traps the warm air in. Only thing with that is that’s only if I plan to deal with my head of wet hair.

How many of you have come across the Q-Redew handheld steamer? I watched a couple of YouTube videos with some ladies using it on their curly hair and I have to say I was impressed. It looks convenient, just add water to the reservoir and you can add moisture to your hair section by section without getting your hair wet.

You can use it to add moisture and revive older hairstyles and as a bonus it stretches your hair,

I love her reaction.

This is a $70 product so you’re gonna wanna know what you’re paying for. I wonder what the life span on these are? Seeing something new and shiny and fun makes me want to jump on board and get it but I know I need to take a sec. I’ve gone 1.5 years with my coily hair without having this steamer and my hair is in good shape so I know it’s not a necessity. More of a handy convenience. I’ve spent quite a bit on hair products I know I haven’t put to optimum use. I’ve only used my Curlformers a handful of times, but I also know I got the long ones so it will be a long while before my hair grows too long for them. I also have bags of Havana hair ready to be installed but I haven’t gotten around to them yet.

So I’ll look into this again in the new year but for now I’m not going to get too crazy about it. But straight up, looking at how soft and pliable their hair was after? I could just feel my hair loving it! Also, I think my scalp would be a fan. I want to say it’s winter, I’m not entirely sure, but my scalp has been flaky and unhappy lately.

More info on their site. Q-Redew

Update: “For delivery outside the US please email us at support@qredew.com for shipping arrangements and cost.”

Some Q’s for you:
Have you tried the Q-Redew handheld steamer? What were your thoughts?
If you haven’t tried it, does it look like a good investment? How many of you are adding this to your Christmas wish list?


3 thoughts on “Adding Moisture To Your Strands

  1. I have seen it too but I haven’t used it. I deep condition weekly and use my water-filled spray bottle to moisturise my hair mid week so I don’t see myself needing this. I would love a hooded dryer though. Hehe

    • I would love this for before bed when I’m twisting up my hair I think. Get a good dose of moisture and have it stretched a little for some easier chunky twists or braids. Hooded dryer would be great. Haha. have a straight up salon in the house 😛

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