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Employed x2

Monday was a friend’s birthday. I sent a happy birthday text and in return was asked for coffee. Sure. He did a half day at work since it was his birthday so he picked me up. T is the tourism director/manager in town and his one employee was going home to Nicaragua for December and he wanted to recruit me to replace her. Now, he had asked me before but with little detail and I didn’t think much of it. Now filling in the gaps, it was part-time, and he basically needed someone who knew the town. Having grown up here I was a good bet. I would work 5 hours/day Mon-Fri until January when his employee returns, and then I could work weekends if I wanted. And I just might. The pay is actually decent. More than I was offered for the optometry position I had previously turned down. So I said sure. We sealed the deal with a high-five.

That was Monday.

Wednesday I got a call from the Hospital Foundation where I had interviewed on the 13th and they offered me the communications position! Also, there was a conference for other regional Hospital Foundations scheduled for next week that they had not planned to attend. But they had a board meeting on Tuesday, decided to take me on, and were offering to send me to the conference. Did I want to go? Um… yes! This was the perfect opportunity to really delve into what it was all about. Networking with other representatives, hearing about their goals and initiatives — this was really the perfect start for this position.

What’s great is this position is part-time and I get to set my own hours and essentially work from home. So it fits right in with my visitor info centre position!

Also, I was offered some contract work that pays a sizeable lump sum which would be worth taking on.

What’s more exciting than being employed is being able to manage my money again. I’m a nerd and I love making financial goals, calculating savings and being smart with my money. I’m a list-maker (which reminds me I need to make my Christmas shopping list… you’d better believe it’s gonna be thrifty.)

So, thank you to those who wished me well and left encouraging words. I’m actually going to have to spend some time adjusting my sleep pattern so I am an early riser again. Especially if I join the gym (which I plan to). I’ve been working out at home the past three days but working out in the laundry room or the small area of free carpet in my room has been challenging. I need to run.



6 thoughts on “Employed x2

  1. See?!? Didn’t I tell you??! I’m so very proud of you, and sooo delighted for you, my friend! All the best to you in your new positions!! You’ve really got it going on! Don’t forget us when you’re famous!! Can’t wait to hear how your new jobs will come along, and all that you will be learning — if, that is, you still have time to blog!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • It’s so true! It was maybe a week later I got work. Thank you! I’m so relieved and so ready to get back into it, y’know? Actually wake up and have someplace to be and I get to apply my education so I’m very thankful.

      I will always make time to blog. Unless I’m knitting. Cause I gotta get that blanket done in the next 3 weeks haha! Thanks for the love ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Congrats on the jobSSSSSS lol God surely is shining down on you. Im so encouraged by you to start saving and using my money wisely. I wanna do so much but I have to start saving somewhere. All the best with the jobs!!

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