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A Hike To Remember

Friday I was excited to go on a hike. Saturday rolled around and I was reluctant but I decided to go anyway. I went back and forth with my dad on what I should pack. He got me a bear banger and pepper spray. I packed some snacks and off I went.








Fungus on stump

Tough bark and roots.

Vibrant spongy moss.

Forest floor


Past and present.


The little things.

And the big.

Glacier fed.

Roots grounding trees reaching for the sky.

Trails on a frozen lake.

Shattered ice trails

Shattered ice trails

L tossed a chunk of ice onto the lake and it shattered and the ice fragments drifted across the surface.

It made this beautiful echoing trill.

It was almost like a wind chime or a lark.

The three of us stood there after all hearing it.

Each of us had thought it was a bird we had startled then came to realize it was the ice.

We tried it again standing still to listen to this simple and beautiful sound.

Silently thankful for the beauty in our backyard.

Friends on a log

To be in this place.

On top of a mountain, in brisk stillness.



5 thoughts on “A Hike To Remember

  1. WOW!!! That place is simply breathtaking beautiful girl!!! Perfect to go there and think about life, nice, quiet, still 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the pictures.

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