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My Knitting Project

Here’s what I’m up to. I am knitting a quilt for a friend of mine and so far I have 7 out of the 12 squares done.

It’s called a Log Cabin Blanket and the pattern is quite simple (not to mention free) and there’s even a YouTube video describing the steps (at the bottom).

It’s so simple even I can do it. I find myself easily confused when following patterns (or recipes ha!) so I was super jazzed to see this pattern was strictly knitting and no purling.

I inspired my friend to start a project and she’s crocheting a gorgeous baby blanket for her friend. We’re such nerds but when we hang out, if it’s just the two of us we’ll bring our knitting/crocheting bags and just chill.

I’ve learned a lesson from this project. If I’m going to start a knitting project:

a) don’t tell the person I’m giving it to or they may find the need to ask for updates. Surprises are more fun
b) make sure you’re giving it to someone who will appreciate the time and hand cramps it took to create it and won’t use it for a dog blanket…

Here’s mine so far:

Quilt Squares

Knitting Square

My favourite square so far is the one on the bottom right. I didn’t want them to be a set pattern for all so I had a little fun but I can see the more colours in one square the more I like it. But it’s my first quilt so I’m just gonna let the other ones slide. I already have an idea for my next quilt!

In general these squares take about two days to do. Not two solid days but two pick it up for a bit here and there days. They each have 9 sections and then they will each have a border added at the end. I will make sure to show the finished product. It’s quite a project! I wish I had started it sooner but I like that I am creating something unique and functional.

Anyone else have any projects or DIY crafts/gifts happening? I guess Christmas will be here in no time (eek).
And do you prefer knitting/crocheting/sewing/scrapbooking? What’s your favourite creative pastime?

4 thoughts on “My Knitting Project

  1. Your blanket is coming along beautifully! I’m sure it’s gonna look great when it’s all done. I prefer crocheting, and make hats mostly, but I’ve done some blankets as gifts, and they’ve taken everything I had…they require such patience! Hats give a quick return on the time investment. I also like making jewelry, but it requires more of a time and concentration commitment than I’m able to have with small kids. Crocheting is pretty mindless, and doesn’t require lots of concentration and I’m able to break away from it at any time, and return to it whenever.

    • Thanks! I’m so excited, I finished the 8th square today but once all the squares are done I still need to add a border… But it should be done by the end of November so it’s all good.

      Blankets take soo much patience absolutely and crocheting… I think I’m slower with that one. I agree, hats are a great project and the turnaround allows you to get creative and make more. I like that you can crochet or knit while watching a movie or going on a roadtrip. You can be productive when normally you wouldn’t. It’s a good thing to have at the side to pick up whenever. I think my next project will be crocheting a hat. I want to be able to follow a crochet pattern and I want to make myself and others something unique.

      What kind of jewellery do you make?

      • All kinds…I started making it about five years ago and have made and sold lots and given LOTS as gifts. It is so relaxing and you just fall into deep thought. I have simplified lots, though, and I have pared down quite a bit. When I find the time these days, I focus mainly on unique charm bracelets. I will try to post a photo of something sometime.

      • I would love to see your work! That’s so cool. Any past time that is productive that I can do leisurely is great. Running is like that for me, I can think of everything or nothing.

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