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Mommsy Gets Box Braids

And I installed them for her! It only took 4 hours. We took 1 omelet break but otherwise it was a pretty quick process.

We put them in on Tuesday. It was my first time doing box braids for anyone ever and my mom was really happy with them. My eyes were a little cross eyed after but it was well worth it. My head would take about 9 hours to do and we sometimes did it over two days just to get a break so thank you mommy for doing my hair for all those years, I’m happy to return the favour.

Installing them was a little tricksy at first. I wanted to make sure I attached them to her hair but didn’t want them to be too tight that the hair would pull at her scalp but also not too loose. A tricky spot for me was blending her hair with the extension. That part where you’re braiding with two strands of synthetic hair and one strand of her hair, her hair is shorter so eventually that will run out before the other two so you have to blend her hair with synthetic hair to continue the braid. I would almost always have to pause and figure out what went where but eventually I got the hang of it.

I’m glad I can do box braids!


3 thoughts on “Mommsy Gets Box Braids

  1. Aaaaw! Mommy looks so pretty! Beautifoe! :-p I love the box braids, they came out great!! Maybe you can do mine? :-p And Rocco looks absolutely fabulous! So long and healthy! šŸ˜€ LOVE IT!

  2. Great pictures! You did a nice job on your mom’s braids. It was sweet of you to repay the favor for all those times she braided your hair! Your hair is looking awesome! Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Thanks so much! I’m happy with how they turned out šŸ™‚ I need to put my hair away in twists soon. Get it out of the way for a bit. Hope your weekend is great!

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