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Why I’m Still Natural

I did my Big Chop March 2012 and my new short ‘do was completely new to me. While it was foreign having relatively no hair it was the change I needed after dealing with my previous broken, uneven hair. As my hair grew it formed its curls and coils and I kept up with its changing needs. Now, at nearly 19 months my hair has gone through a number of styles and products.

Do I ever have thoughts of returning to relaxing my hair? Yep. But they’re usually nightmares. Never have I thought of returning to relaxing my hair because honestly, I can achieve the straight look without slathering my hair in chemicals. If I get tired of dealing with my hair I’ll take some time to put it in mini-twists that will stay out of my way for a week. Or I’ll put some long-term twists in or box braids but what’s nice is that I have options.

The only time I get hair anxiety is on wash day. The process of actually washing my hair doesn’t take too long but it’s taking care of it afterwards that is critical and time consuming. I know better than to wash my hair too late or I won’t want to stay up and do it. I also like to leave time to deep condition so I give myself enough time to do it all. I know once I do my hair I’m setting myself up for a less tangled week which I will only thank myself for later on.

I stay natural because my hair is no longer something I have to ‘deal with’. My hair is something I nurture. I’m not going to pretend it’s all rainbows and sunshine. I have my share of tangles, single strand knots, multiple strand knots, dry, crunchy ends, but I am so equipped with knowledge, tools and products that help me get my hair to the best it can be.

I’m excited to see what my hair is capable of. I don’t have an ultimate goal but I like that strands that stopped above my eyebrows now reach my chin.

I get the occasional comment about how long my hair would be if I straightened it. I like that I have the option to wear my hair short and curly or long and straight. I really do.

Happy Rocco

If you don’t mind, I have some questions for you out there:
Do you ever feel the pull to return to chemically straightening your hair?

What keeps you natural?


18 thoughts on “Why I’m Still Natural

    • It really is great. And there are sooo many style tutorials out there it’s so fun! I love that fellow naturals have created this wealth of knowledge that’s so easily accessible. That’s actually another thing I love about natural hair, the community.

  1. Hi there! Aw. This was a great post. I had feelings of “why did I do this” a few days after I did my big chops 10 months ago. It was new to me, the kinks and the frizz. But once my hair started growing and I became used to styling it, I fell in love! I will not, not, not return to perms again. I’ve only been natural for 10 months. I am looking forward to my one year natural anniversary. Stay strong! 🙂

    • Yeah, once I left the chair after getting the Big Chop I was a little ‘omg omg omg’ but after that it was just fine. Also, it’s not like you go from relaxed to 1 foot of natural and to have to deal with all those curls right away. No matter which route you take, big chop or transition, your hair grows from very little and you get the chance to grow and learn along with it.

  2. I never feel the pull to return to a perm. I only had a perm for a handful of years out of my whole life — I was more out of a perm than in one. I flat ironed my hair to death, though. I’ve got a lot of hair and when it was long, I liked to flat iron it because it was simple and it looked nice. But then I started to kill it all so I could pretend I had this hair that really wasn’t my ‘true’ hair anyway. It was an exhausting process. I’d go natural (no heat) for a year and my hair would get crazy strong and healthy, then I’d flat iron it and it would be all shiny and bouncy and lovely. Problem was, to keep getting this look I had to keep killing it with the flat iron. Oh, it seemed I burnt it to death! I do think of flat-ironing it again sometimes, but honestly, I like it this way. I’ve cut it, so it’s much shorter and is less of chore to deal with. I like how you said that now your hair is something you NURTURE. I feel the exact same way! Even when I have bad hair days I still love it, I’m still committed to it, I still nurture it, and I’m patient with it. I think the shorter cut suits me well. I am nearly 45 years old and I don’t need to be picking out a 20 inch afro, thank you very much! 🙂

    • I used to flat iron my hair like crazy when it was relaxed and before the perms my mom used to hot comb my hair. Damaging hair for a style may seem crazy but it was so simple and it achieved the look I was going for so I definitely understand that route. With all the information out there now though, it’s really great to know that we have better hair health options.
      I really liked my short hair and kind of wish I had played with short styles with fades and such but I was ready to see my curls. I can definitely see myself returning to a short style in the future sometime. Probably when I’m done picking out that 20 inch afro for sure haha! 😉 Thanks for the comment!

  3. Aaaw this is so good! Pretty much how I feel about my hair. Relaxing isn’t even an option because I am so educated and surrounded by people that can educate me. Congrats on your chin length!! Hehehe 😀

    • Exactly. It’s great that if I have questions there are more than enough people out there so ready to help with suggestions. Not to mention great tutorials, blogs, product reviews and it’s just great seeing other women out there wearing their hair. You can do some so many cool styles, I think it’s a lot more fun. It can be challenging but there’s that great sense of accomplishment when you’ve figured something out that works for you! Cheers to natural hair 😉

  4. I’ve only been wearing my hair out naturally for a week. But yes I’ve thought of just either going back to cornrow extension braids or simply just blow drying it and straightening it for this whole thing to be easier. But I know this is not about having easy hair but that I have beautiful hair within itself and that alone Is worth keeping. I just don’t wanna quit. Feel like I struck out too soon.

    • While I have come to embrace the curly nature of my hair I do try and makes things easier for myself daily by wearing stretched styles. Whether I braid or twist it after a wash, I like to keep my hair as close to tangle-free as possible but I can never imagine wanting to chemically straighten my hair again. I can’t imagine losing these curls I’ve come to love. I totally agree that it’s not about having ‘easy’ hair but that it’s beautiful and worth keeping. Thanks for the comment!

  5. Hi Ndeshimona,

    Your natural tresses is stunning and you are gorgeous, nice to meet you doll!
    In response to your questions, 1). No, because I could never handle or take care of my hair while relaxed and it looked like a wreck, spent hours fixing it to look decent for 30 minutes then BAM, frizziness came. So no relaxer ever again for me darling. 2). The ever learning journey, the freedom I now have with my hair, the natural hair community and being able to speak hair for hours and never get bored plus I love being natural! Thanks for asking girl, take care and congratulations in your journey.

    • Thanks for the love! I totally feel you when it comes to never relaxing again. My hair would be straight but it was legitimately like straw. As I straightened my hair my strands would be snapping off like twigs. Not quite what I was going for.

      You perfectly described why I love staying natural! Always learning new techniques and styles, tips and tricks to keeping your hair its best. This community has been an incredible surprise and I’ve had some great convos getting to know different people from all over the world and all walks of life. It’s fascinating!

      Great note 🙂

      • I know, it’s fantastic how much we can learn and retain to later share. You are more than welcome and nice to meet you Ndeshimona! Have a lovely evening.

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