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Puddle Jumping

It has been raining like a boss here. I don’t mind. Rainy days are my jam.

A friend asked if I wanted to go puddle jumping this afternoon. You bet I did. I was just finishing putting my hair in Bantu knots so I undid the front two and separated them a bit and pushed to the side for instant bangs.

Boots – check. Fun trench that needs to go in the laundry anyway – check. Toque to go over my Bantu knots – check. Good to go.

We went down to a municipal park with great trails and great puddles. We skipped rocks on a river and shot putted river rocks. We even made up a four-year puddle jumping degree program. It consists of puddle jumping theory, puddle jumping field work, urban and rural puddle jumping, designing your own puddles, puddle jumping equipment, statistics and history. Very comprehensive and exclusive education opportunity coming your way in 2015! You heard it here first 😉


Puddle jumping was a good distraction. This last week was a little tough. I haven’t heard back from the one job I interviewed at and I know I’ve been sort of putting off applying for any others in the hopes I’ll get that one. Not so smart but I had a good feeling about this one and it was described as a great combination between what I’ve done and what I want to do. Uugh… I also feel like there are less communication positions out there than there used to. Which sort of makes me nervous.

I am also aware that I am turning to food to fill in a number of gaps. First off the eats here are delicious (hats off to you mom and dad) and second it’s so accessible. As I mentioned previously, there’s really nothing in the way of me and food. I have no schedule. Nothing is demanded of me. I don’t have to be awake or be anywhere by any certain time… it’s bad news. And it’s getting colder and darker which makes me not want to be outside so much. But to work out at a gym costs money, something I don’t have. I just need to put something in the works. It’s not snowing yet so I really don’t have a solid excuse.

Puddle jumping was exactly the cold, wet, slightly uncomfortable yet simple fun distraction I needed. Gumboots were a great investment.


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