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Rain & Ramen

Wednesday evening I left for Vancouver and I got back Saturday. It was a quick trip but I managed to fit in some time with my brother and sister which was great. My sister and I had coffee downtown and my brother and I devoured a big bowl of Ramen at a great little restaurant he suggested. Earlier in the day I went to IKEA for the first time. Ever. Holy crap Batman. Holy crap.

My brother and I also stopped by the liquor store and picked up some pumpkin beer. It’s getting to be that season (omg already!). Pumpkin, spiced things, mulled wine, baking, inside days, rain, blankets, flannel… I love it all! 🙂

The drive up was rainy and uneventful except the not-so-fun moment where I was 12 feet away from hitting a deer. There were about 4 deer on the other side of the road and I slowed down a bit as we approached but I didn’t think much of it as I assumed they would head into the forest on their side. I even pointed them out to a friend and then one deer decided he liked the woods on the other side of the road better and hopped across the highway in front of the car, but not quickly of course. Brakes were on and horn was honked. I was not impressed. My friend gave me kudos for noticing them at all because she hadn’t. Gotta love highway driving.

I’m still unemployed but not yet freaking out. I had a Skype interview on Tuesday with 4 people from the hiring committee (barf). It went better than I thought it was and I was over-prepared which was fine. Better than being underprepared. On our drive up we spent the night in the city where the job I interviewed for is. L’s friend J, who we stayed with, was actually a communications professional too. We had similar education backgrounds and he’s currently working on his Master’s at my alma mater. Who knew? He had some great insight on the industry in that city, some organizations to keep an eye out for and some possibly opportunities. It was really great! I don’t often come across people in the Communications field so it was great to connect with him on that level.

I need to get back to applying for jobs, no sense sitting on my hands waiting to hear back from the one job. They didn’t give me a date when I would hear back but they said I would hear back from them either way so that’s good. I’ll keep you posted. Happy Sunday!


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