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Small-Town Living

Things I love about living in a small town?

Everything Is Nearby
Whether I’m going to the library, store, even the airport you don’t have to travel too far. And other than the airport, parking is free. Makes it easier to save my cash for yoga class.

It’s A Slower Pace
No one complains about traffic here because there isn’t much.

Level-headed, purchasing houses, sensible cars, working, not treading water in debt, meaningful conversation, good laughs about the old days (oh geeze). I find a lot of my friends who are still here or who have returned have a good head on their shoulders. Of course I’m likely biased but really. My circle is fairly small, which I prefer. I went for a quick road trip with a friend a couple of weeks back and for a hike with two other friends last weekend. It was comfortable and a lot of fun.

Beautiful Surroundings
I spent those 5 years on an island. The Pacific Ocean was everywhere I turned and it was great. Biking along the waterfront or going for runs over bridges and seeing sea otters, maybe an octopus, overturning rocks to find crabs. Here in the north you’re dwarfed by mountain ranges. The city I live in is nestled in a valley with a river running through. Mountains on every side and trees forever. Some feel suffocated by these mountains but I feel comforted. Plus you don’t have drive an hour out to find a good mountain to hike.

Some things I definitely miss about living in the city?


And I mean food from different cultures available. If I want a big bowl of Vietnamese pho I’m out of luck. Some legit Japanese sushi? Sorry. Real East Indian tandoori chicken or Greek spanakopita? Nope. There is a delicious spot where I can get a yummy butter wrap and pakora but it’s pretty limited. But that just makes trips out of town that much more worthwhile.


I was spoiled living down south because there is a true love of pub and micro-brewed beer. You could go to a pub that brews its own beer on site, flavours are changing with the season, the best poutine (oh the unfairness). I went out with a friend on Friday night for some drinks. The first spot we stopped at was packed and the second spot we chose was not so full and halfway through my friend’s grandpa strolled in. It was pretty cute.

I think what I’m trying to say is I miss the dining options of the big city but I have to say this way I do spend less money and we do get up to other things like making delicious mulled wine (can’t wait for the first truly cold day), and other stuff.

In other news I am SO excited to say one of my besties is moving back! She was in a similar position as I had been. She was a recent graduate, had her teaching degree and was employed as a Teacher On Call for the city school district which is no small feat. No calls = no work so she’s been holding her breath for a while. My moving back gave her a little hope that maybe she should head back after all. Regardless she called up the school district here on Friday and when they realized she had French had her for a phone interview Saturday and told her she was hired on Sunday. Yeah. So now she is frantically packing and is ready to ship out to be at work Monday, October 1!  Being the awesome friend I am (and pretty excited at the opportunity for a roadtrip) I’m flying down to hang out in Vancouver for a day and a half and driving up with her! Roooadtrip!!!

Today I’m prepping for an interview I have tomorrow (more on that in another post… depending) and Wednesday I’m flying out of here to return Saturday.

Have a great week everyone!


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