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Hometown Yoga & Other Thoughts

Monday was 6 AM fitness class. I am still feeling the effects. I was feeling pretty lethargic, lazy, stiff, sore and thought yoga would be a great chance to stretch and move. I looked online and found a couple of options. I decided on one that was at the same place as my morning classes for the same price and it was an hour-long evening class. Perfect. Packed up my stuff and off I went.

I smiled as soon as I walked into the room. There in black capris was my elementary and jr high school librarian! She was an eccentric woman, and I thought she was old when I was back in school. I would say she’s over 60 for sure. She had the same long grey/white hair except back in the day she would wear it in a single, thick braid. Wore glasses like she always had and had the same comforting and friendly voice. I wasn’t about to run up to her and give her a hug though. With the number of kids she would have seen come and go through the library it was unlikely she remembered me. I was secretly pleased when she commented on my posture and picked me and a couple of people in the class as people to watch for poses. She mentioned the others by name and motioned to me while passing  ‘I’m not sure what your name is, do you know the warrior poses?’. I nodded barely, hiding my smile.

It felt really good being in a cool, quiet room moving with purpose while strengthening and supporting and stretching my limbs. My only real focus on my breathing and my posture. I felt strong and inspired and as I was laying there in Savasana pose, my arms dead open beside me, my thoughts were racing and even though I was lying absolutely still, eyes closed and listening to nothing I felt so productive.

I’m thinking of investing in a month pass. There are just so many classes that I have time to attend. I feel great afterwards.


It’s a little strange being home. I feel like I have to reset my brain to a certain degree. I’m used to being conservative and minimal. Conservative in my purchases, my footprint, my time, my money. But now I have no money and so much time. While I would be selective in gym classes back when I lived on my own, I feel like throwing myself into these classes here. I want the most out of what’s available to me. Going to the store with my mom and her asking if I want to choose a cereal, I have this past and present battle in my head. Living on my own I wouldn’t select cereal because it’s more of a treat than a meal even if it is on sale. Plus I would have to haul it home on my bike and those boxes take up a lot of room. But here I am with a vehicle and an opportunity for free cereal.

It may sound silly but I’m kind of having to reset my brain. While I’m not going to get my mom to buy me 12 boxes of cereal so I have the options and because I have the trunk space, it’s interesting to me that people do take cereal home. This sounds sooo weird writing it down and maybe I’ve chosen a poor example but it’s just the life here is different from the life I created for myself living on my own or living in the city.

Also, I keep expecting to see people from the island, then I have to remind myself where I am. Also if I do recognize someone it takes me a sec to place whether they’re from the island or from here. It’s just…. I feel like it’s a mild case of culture shock. It’s refreshing.

I’m going to make sure to capture my town and see if I can capture this feeling and essence of late summer. It’s truly glorious and I’m really happy I am home…

I’m wondering if my minimalism stems from the fact that I couldn’t afford things so I was telling myself I didn’t need or want them. I feel like I’m going to have to explore this new thought. Because I’m intrigued. There is a theory describing this that is completely escaping me… if you know what it is feel free to tell me in the comments… to be continued! 😉

5 minutes later and thanks to Wikipedia the theory I’m looking for is cognitive dissonance theory. I’m going to explore this more later.


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