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My Curly Twist-Out

My hair has been in a protective style for two weeks. August 23 I put mini braids in my hair and wore them for about 4 days and then decided to switch them over to mini twists. I find many of my involved hair styles are done impulsively. I’ll start getting my hair ready for bed and I’ll be inspired to do something different and I’ll end up in bed at 1AM or something silly like that.

I just took out my twists yesterday after my flight home on Friday. I washed my hair in the morning which I don’t normally do (usually done in the evening) and I was busy unpacking and cleaning during the day that I didn’t have the time to sit down and twist or braid my hair to stretch it out. Rookie mistake. Instead I let it air dry and tied a patterned cloth around my head. By the end of the night I knew something had to be done or I would be in big trouble. I haven’t worn a wash and go since my TWA days. My hair did not thank me for wearing it yesterday and I know I would be left with dry, tangled hair if i used it as a style *shudder*

So I sat down, sectioned off my hair with elastics and got on with it. I worked water into each section, sealed with coconut oil and then added Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie to each bit. I then twisted each section and was suddenly inspired to put those twists into Curlyformers. Why not right? It’s only 10PM… Some pics for ya.

Removing them this morning left me with spiraled twists which was a fun look. I separated them all and got a soft, curly fro. I pinned one side and wore it like that for the day.

You can read about my Curlformers purchase here. Also you can see in the pics where my hair ends within the Curlformers. So I still have plenty of room to go before I outgrow these.


2 thoughts on “My Curly Twist-Out

  1. I’ve been eyeing the curlformers knock offs for a while now but figure I will purchase when my hair grows out a bit. I must say that your results look very much like a Bantu knot out and its totally cute!

    • Bantu knots are something I need to work on. I haven’t tried them in a while, they don’t look exceptionally comfortable to sleep on.. I really need to practice doing flat twists. I really like the flat twist-outs I’ve seen on others.

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