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My Weekend!

I’ve been up to a lot these past few weeks. Mostly the weekends. Last weekend was family weekend. My parents and brother came to town and we met up with sister-in-law and niece. I had the brilliant plan of visiting Salt Spring Island. None of us had been so we piled in the car and missed the 11AM sailing by 6 cars (boo!). We got on the next ferry and it was raining a bit when we left but when we arrived on the tiny island it was all sunny skies.

It was an amazing day trip and we all had a great time. I’ve been really wanting plants lately and I managed to score a basil and pepper plant on the side of the road. I actually can’t tell which one is which… they look pretty similar and neither of them smell like basil… so who knows, they may be the same plant. I also got some sprouted peanuts from the huge market. So I planted some!!! I’m so excited for them to poke through the dirt. I check them every day after work! Ha!

Anyway, instead of perfecting this post and having it sit in drafts for forever I’m just going to share it with ya now.


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