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My Feet Are Back On The Ground

I’m back! I spent 4 days in Alberta and returned home on Sunday. I’m still recovering from my jet lag… *psyche* It’s only an hour difference, but I still had a nap. Travelling is always tiring.

What did I get up to? I flew out of Vancouver Island at 7AM Thursday, which meant I had a wonderful 5:30AM date with the airport shuttle. Always a good time. Then I flew to Van, then flew to Calgary.

Visiting With Friends

My two high school friends got married last year in our hometown. I was a bridesmaid and it was a great day. They now live in Alberta so I thought it was time to finally make the trek and go visit. S and I decided to make it a surprise for her hubby, C.  It was his 25/Golden Birthday on Thursday. It was perfect, he didn’t even see it coming! Mission accomplished! All in all it was a great visit and I came to a few realizations about the nature of friendships.

C, S and I have all been friends since first year of junior high. It was eighth grade when a group of sorts was established. We’d all hang out at each others’ houses, party, go camping, visit each other at our fast-food or mall workplaces. It was that time when we had little responsibility other than passing the next test, remembering to do homework. We had disposable income and one by one we were getting our drivers’ license and getting our first car (mine was a ’98 red VW beetle). The guys in our group who were successfully growing beards were the ones sent to get the liquor for the evening’s festivities while we all waited for our turn to turn 19. January baby, L, was first up. You bet we made use of that.

The first time I drank I was… 17? In my group I was a late bloomer. It was at L’s place and I drank waay too much watermelon vodka and you can bet I tossed my cookies and cursed my existence the next day. S, L and I worked at a local burger joint together and S did the scheduling. Quite convenient since she would schedule the three of us so we could party that night and allow for some to have the next day off or at least a later shift. Those were the days…

There were still parties and hangovers after the watermelon vodka but as I grew older, as I took on more in my life, my priorities shifted. I couldn’t afford to write-off the day after a party to recover, and believe me I needed a full day. I also couldn’t afford to go to the clubs all the time and drop $50 a night. I now had to pay for rent, tuition, books, food. Things changed. Plus, I like remembering what happened the night before.

At 25 I’m happy to have a beer at a pub with a friend. For one, I don’t have that large core group that I had. Another point, I have things to do. You come to realize the bar scene is the same faces, the same deal, night after night, and that doesn’t appeal to me. S & C though, still enjoy that life, which is fine, but it made me realize that our priorities are different. It’s not bad. It’s just growing up. I had a few beers and a shot of tequila with the birthday boy on Thursday but I can remember my night. I didn’t wake up the next day feeling like an elephant was sitting on my head and a tornado was brewing in my stomach. That’s how I like it.

That’s not to say I don’t party, it’s just the way I party has changed. The weekend before, when I was visiting L in Vancouver, we went out and it was great! Instead of wearing sky high heels that made my feet throb I wore sandals I could dance in. Instead of lining up shots or getting a drink that’s more ice than liquor I’m more for a bottle of beer (less likely to spill, easier to dance with and no ice). I get to remember my night and have a great time! I love those kinds of nights!

This visit made me realize that things change and that’s nothing to worry about. I have my scene and they have theirs but we’re still friends and have a great time together which is what is important.


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