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$240/year SAVED – Reviewing My Cell Phone Plan

It’s a lovely Saturday morning and I’ve just paid my cell phone bill of $70. Not fun. But necessary. My phone is a great tool. But am I utilizing that $70…? Turns out I’m not!

I looked at the plans offered and found a combination that allowed me to pay $45/month. With tax that came to $50/month.

My plan was quite outdated. I was on a Student plan for $55/month and had to add $8/month because Call Display wasn’t included. Now their plans include Call Display so I was paying for a feature that was now offered as included in rates. There was also a warning as I was changing my plan that my Student plan was no longer offered and I wouldn’t be able to go back to it. I was quite willing to swap my vintage plan for a functional one that better fit my needs.

Since I just paid that bill, my next bill will show the changes and I will actually have a credit. Awesome!

My savings: From $70 to $50 I save $20/month which translates to $240 that stays in my pocket over the course of a year. In turn, I’ve upped my $20 weekly contribution to one of my savings account to $25. $80/month has now become $100/month thanks to that savings. *self high-five!*

It’s worth looking into the services package you have to see if it still fit your life’s needs. Where can you save?

On a minimalist note: My 3-year contract is up next month and there’s upgrade to this and that for this many years. I have an iPhone 4 and I’m quite happy with that.

I actually had an iPhone 3 about a year and a half ago and my dad had an iPhone 4 (it came with his new business package) and a Blackberry (for work). Work pays for his Blackberry so he really had no use for his iPhone 4 so he was happy to give it me and I was happy to get it!

Anyway, when the customer service rep asked me if I would be upgrading my phone to the iPhone 5 it gave me great pleasure to say… nope! 🙂 I don’t need it. My phone is functional, in one piece and I am under no obligation to stay with my service provider from here on out. I have that freedom. And I don’t need the newest, shiniest gadget out there.. considering the next iteration is probably around the corner. 


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