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Why Minimalism Appeals To Me

To me, minimalism is…

Giving up the struggle of wanting more and more and more.

Realizing the deliberate confusion between needs and wants.

Recognizing that this insatiable need to own is primarily a marketing construction.

That happiness is not connected to what I surround myself with.

Advertising makes who you are, what you have, or how you live seem inadequate, incomplete – lacking (wanting) a fix.

I want my money to work for me and not the other way around. If I’m going to purchase something, I would like to be able to purchase it knowing that I’ve done the time for it already. Instead of the knowledge that while I can possess it now, I still have x amount of hours I need to work to actually pay for it and with interest I may be paying more for it than the shelf price + tax.

I feel like minimalism sets me in the direction to living debt free.

Minimalism is a challenge. It’s a challenge to consumer society. It’s a challenge to my own internal conversation. I think it’s rewarding. A journey.


4 thoughts on “Why Minimalism Appeals To Me

  1. Ooh wow this speaks to the heart of me. I grew up with my parents never wanting us to want things. I can’t speak for my sisters because we are all different but I can definitely say that a life free from desiring everything just for the sake of having the latest etc, has been the greatest blessing in my life. 😀

    • It is hey? And that’s not to say that we never shop or buy anything new, but just a realization that we don’t need to have everything at any cost 🙂 Glad to hear you share this mindset!

  2. I notice that after I read a popular magazine (and see those ads) or watch TV (and see all those commercials), I have the urge to go shopping or to change something about myself. At least now I notice this urge…

    • I totally know the feeling. I’m sitting here being entertained or informed completely content, then a commercial comes on and it’s like a switch. It’s suddenly about what I don’t have or for example, hm… my eyelashes could look like that?
      And it’s great that now there’s that critical analysis in the back of our head and we think to ourselves, a) don’t need it thanks and b) that model is wearing falsies. So that product doesn’t even make HER eyelashes look like that. We’re lied to… a lot. And we take it. It’s strange when you think about it.

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