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My Spending Diet – Week 1

I recently started a spending diet (you can read about that in an earlier blog post here). The responses were great and also made me realize that I should show some results of my experience.

Week 1: June 13 – June 19

Expense tracker

Expense tracker

June 13, Day 1:
I bought dish/hand soap, paid my internet and phone bill, put some money in my savings. I spent $1.25 on an unnecessary item. That unnecessary items was Pringles. There. I said it.

June 14, Day 2:
No spend day.

June 15, Day 3:
Groceries and $3.27 on an unnecessary item (bagel and tea, actually out of food so I bought these on my walk to the store)

June 16, Day 4:
Groceries… I think I should set a budget for this… :s

June 17, Day 5:
$5.75 on chips… I’m beginning to see a pattern…

June 18, Day 6:
No spend day!

June 19, Day 7:
$4.19 on….chips… I think it’s clear I have a problem

So, I have $3.81 left in my unnecessary spending. Should I carry it over to next week? I think so. Next week I have $18.81 for unnecessary spending.

An interesting thing happened during my first week of my spending diet. I would think of things I want and immediately begin this cycle of justifying the purchase and if that didn’t work I would try to move it into the ‘necessary’ section. When I couldn’t justify that I would then move it into the ‘unnecessary’ category and then I would find myself thinking.. well I only have this much to spend on my unneccessaries. Do I really want to spend it on that? And then I would go with no. No, I really don’t.

I also put my app to good use. It was a $1.99 (purchased before my diet). It’s not a budget app but a simple expense tracker. It’s called Next. I like it so far, I’ve only used it for this week. It has a very simple user interface and is simply blocks of symbols representing purchase categories. It’s easy to enter your amounts, it does the totals and just shows you a simple graph of which direction your spending is going over a week, month, year. It also gives you the average in each category. One thing is I wish it had an icon for ‘savings’ like a piggy bank or something. Right now I’m using the ‘heart’ symbol for my savings.


2 thoughts on “My Spending Diet – Week 1

  1. Your non-necessary money is being spent on chips. That’s something you might not have fully realized before this diet. If you cut that out, imagine what will happen? You’re doing great though! Keep it up!

    • Haha I had a sneaking suspicion I have a somewhat unhealthy relationship with chips. $11 in chips certainly does add up, but that’s also keeping in mind that I don’t eat out, go to movies, buy clothes, go clubbing, so the occasional (or more than occasional) chips are sort of a concession for me. However, I think there are better things for me to spend my free cash on than processed foods… *sigh* 🙂 thanks for the comment!

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