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Surprise Yourself

So I was playing Wii Fit yesterday, Wii Golf to be exact — I’m going somewhere with this, don’t worry — and I was swinging away, trying for that hole-in-one. I ended with a score of 170! New highest score! No big deal, I guess I’m just awesome. Then I thought to myself, that was fun, let’s try it again but this time left handed.

I’m a righty with everything. My right hand cooks, cleans, brings the chips from the bag to my mouth while my left hand plays a supporting role. You know… holds the pot as I stir, holds the duster as I sweep, holds the bag as I eat chips. The one thing my left hand is decent at is typing, but even then, only my right hand uses the space bar (is that just me??).

So I turn around and give it a go with my left hand. I definitely feel the twist in my hips, a pull on my shoulder, this is different. I’m swinging this remote, and Wii Me is making some awesome shots. What’s this about? This is my dumb, slow side. I finish the round and am astonished to see… 180. New. Highest. Score.

For REALS?! I thought that hand was useless.. but had I ever tried? No. So what makes me think I was incapable? Standing there I came to the realization… this was something I had to remember. You think something is useless, pointless, incapable? Why? Because you’ve never tried?


See what happens. You may surprise yourself.


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