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Looks We Love: Nicole’s Topknot!

There’s no way I could just view this post, comment and be on my merry way. I have to share this post so you can all check out this gooorgeous hairstyle that, after reading, I may or may not have run to bathroom to try out myself! You can check out my version here.


Soooo… is it wrong if I take someone else’s go-to hairstyle and use it as my own? No, Okay, cool… ’cause that’s whats happening! LOL!



It’s no secret (at least within the natural hair community) that Essence.com Beauty Editor Nicole M. Melton is known for her fabulously coiffed topknot. I’ve seen Nicole around the circuit a number of times and it’s only upon catching up with her at a CurlBOX event at the Ouidad Salon in NYC last summer that I got to see that this was no ordinary bun! When she sat down for her consultation and began to take her hair down, I tried to sneak a peek at how she’d put it back together! ^_^ But alas! Amid the schmoozing and networking, I didn’t catch how it was done. NicoleM  Fast forward a few months… I’m finally on Instagram. Of course, I’m following Miss Melton, gawking at this…

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