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My Spending Diet

I have chosen to embark on a spending diet. June 13 until July 13 my purchases will be extremely minimal. I will have more ‘no spend days’ than spend days for this four week period.

I laugh but I’m kind of super serious.

These are my needs. I will be spending money on these things so that I can function.

Credit card payments
Household (necessary cleaning & hygiene supplies)

I’m happy I don’t have gas, insurance

For my non-necessary items I am giving myself an allowance of: $15/week on ‘non-needs’ within reason. That’s $60 for the month. That’s $2 a day. Ha!

I will need to keep track of what I am spending my weekly allowance on.

This will be my last month living with a roomie as she peaces July 15. Being thrifty without a roommate.. may be difficult as all purchases are up to me. No going halfies on groceries, laundry soap, hydro… but it also means my consumption is in my hands. What I use I pay for. What I conserve I save. Pretty good incentive, really.

Why am I taking on this ? I want to take a huge chunk out of my credit card debt. It is my final piece of consumer debt and it’s kind of the final hurdle before I start biting into my terrifyingling intimidating student loan. *shudder*

I have a couple of helping factors this month: 1) I get my damage deposit back from my apartment so there’s some change to put towards my goal and 2) I have reduced rent for July because my roomie is couch surfing for two weeks into the month so she’s putting some money in.

Where did I get this idea from? Check it here: Spending Diet

Wish me luck!


10 thoughts on “My Spending Diet

    • Yeah! At the very least it makes you more conscious of your spending. You sort of take a second to go ‘Do I need this or do I just want this?’. That’s what I’m hoping for.

    • Those were my thoughts exactly! I wasn’t brave enough to do the spending fast with no allowance for “non-needs” so I gave myself that buffer. But yeah, I may finish that month with some of that 60 still in my pocket 🙂 Hopefully!

    • Thank you so much! It was really nice to come home from work today and see this. I’m so glad you find it informative! I try and write only when I have something to say, so I appreciate your saying that 🙂

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  2. I’ve been having a similar idea but I think I need to write it out so I can actually see it out instead of thinking about doing it.

    • It helps! And it’s worth a try. At the very least, you’re aware of what’s going in and what’s going out and with that awareness come better decisions 🙂 That’s the goal anyway 🙂

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