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A Great Day Was Had

Yesterday was faboo! For my 25th birthday I was pretty happy it was on a weekend and that the sun was out. My roomie and I rented a car (I no longer had to pay that fee for being under 25) and we drove along the coast. Along a windy, bumpy road in between forests, along the ocean and up mountains, we spent some time at beaches and had lunch on the rocks.

It. was. great. A really nice day just cruising along. Here are some pics of my day πŸ™‚

PS: I also learned that if I were to have a car I would not be as active as I am. Being able to takeΒ whatever you want home while grocery shopping would undoubtedly lead me to buying all sorts of delicious but horribly unnecessary things.


5 thoughts on “A Great Day Was Had

  1. OMG! Can’t believe I did NOT wish you a happy birthday! *face palm* Oh lordie! I hope that the magical day that you had [as per awesome photos] was just the start to all the many many more magically awesome day you will have for many more years to come! May the Lord shower you in many blessings! Rocco looks so fab in these pics! How did you achieve that look? I did something similar once but now I can’t seem to re-trace my steps. Tutorial please? Beijo ❀

    • No worries! And thanks for the well wishes πŸ™‚ I think this is one of the few looks I can recreate with Rocco. It’s basically 7 chunky twists that I sleep on and in the morning I separate and work the roots with a wide-toothed comb. I should do a tutorial at some point.. hm…
      I also need to do a post.. it’s been a week! Aah!
      Hope you’re doing well!! Looking forward to more posts, your hair is looking fab!

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