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Clock Strikes 25

Tomorrow I turn 25. I’ve been giving this birthday the side-eye for a while… But now I’m thinking, why the hate for another year past? I should be looking at what I’ve done, what I’ve accomplished and what I have yet to accomplish. I should be excited! Or at least thankful.



Whilst I do moan about becoming older I am aware of how fortunate and blessed I am to see 25. Now that I am finished with the ties of formal education (thank goodness), I feel as though I have a door wide open in front of me. It’s nice.

Let’s take a look at how I spent my 24th year on this earth.

I got a job. I eliminated a good portion of credit debt. I cut down on my expenses, leaving only necessities. I moved into my own place. I removed a lot of stuff from my life which left me feeling lighter and gave me more space. I successfully ran 10 kms, multiple times. I learned a lot about my hair and from that, a lot about myself. I became less dependent on public transportation/cabs and am now far more mobile (and fit) on my bike.

24 was a good year. About halfway through the year I made a 12 things to do before 25 and I met the majority of my goals. Now, a day before I turn 25, I present my list of 26 things to do before 26. A list of endeavours, challenges and goals to reach for in my 25th year. Here it is:

1.Live in a new city

2.Plant a vegetable garden

3.Pay off my final credit card … May 2’s the day!

4.Take a pottery class

5.Take my parents out for dinner 

6.Get a tattoo

7.Get a massage

8.Do a healthy cleanse

9.Take a photo every day for a month

10.Try new recipes Check out ‘My Cooking Potential’ for what I’ve cooked up so far

11.Make the majority of my Christmas presents instead of buying new

12.Take a cooking class

13.Go indoor (or outdoor) rock climbing

14.Donate blood

15.Be vegan or vegetarian for a month

16.Find a way to bring in extra income

17.Design and host my blog independently

18.Do yoga for 30 days straight

19.Run more than 10k

20.Submit an article or do a guest post Here’s my post at ‘Black Women Save’

21.Go on a road trip Drove to Port Renfrew for my birthday!

22.File my own taxes! // this one’s for you pops 😉 

23.Save for retirement I’ve set up an automatic withdrawal to my retirement savings

24.Do a one month spending freeze

25.Get a new pair of glasses (I’ve had mine for about 6 years now)

26.Don’t drink for one month



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