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The Haps Lately

I’ve been away for a bit. I have been busy. Definitely the busiest I’ve been all year. Two major events back-to-back. I ended up working 7:30 am – 12 am Friday and 7am – 7pm Saturday. I work for an event production/management/facilitation company so this was the culmination of months of work for everyone involved and it feels so so great to have them done. I received a lot of great feedback from those in attendance at either events. I also got a bottle of bubbly, all the cake I could fit into a cake box and a signed print and I got to hang out with Mr Fred Penner, who, even as I type this, is cemented as my favourite children’s entertainer. I was so captivated by him, he’s a wonderful guy and so fun to be around.

I’ve been eating catered food all week and not running, so I’ve set a schedule for my half-marathon training to begin on Tuesday.

A couple of weeks ago I was super jazzed and paid off my second last credit card! I am so glad I did. Now my money can be redirected to the adjustment of living on my own as well as a new money obligation — student loans. I have one more card, and while it’s not massive, it is the biggest out of the bunch I had. I’m glad it’s all I have left to deal with credit-wise. I plan to keep this card active once I pay it off because I do get rewards and I’ve had it long enough that I want to hang on to it.

The fact that I move tomorrow and nothing is packed and I am not even worried is fantastic. Because I’m moving to a bachelor suite a floor up in my apartment, I plan to walk things over there. No sense getting boxes, packing them to carry them upstairs and unload them. So this is great!

In other news: I only work one job now. My part-time at the liquor store came to an end. I wouldn’t mind working there for the extra cash (easiest job ever) but it made no sense since I worked weekends, I would have to request a lot of weekends off. But right now it’s amazing sitting here and knowing I don’t have to get ready for work in 6 hours. That I have the entire day to hang out, clean up, making lunches, whatever. It’s really nice, I’ve missed it.

I recently opened a tax free savings account with ING Direct Canada! I’ve heard a lot of great things about them, so I did some more research and decided that’s where I wanted to put my money. I used a code from another blogger’s site which resulted in ING adding $25 to both our accounts. If you’re thinking of opening an account there feel free to use my code: 40433020S then we both get some extra moola, so why not?

I’m 25 in one week! So I plan to make a 26 things before 26. I made a 12 things to do before 25 list last year, since it was December and halfway to my birthday, and I can say I managed to complete the majority of those 12 things! Some things I completed were, get Havana Twists, pay off $2000 in credit, get a real job, run a 10k. I still have to get running shoes and to make my niece a birthday present but I’ve still got a week 🙂 Perhaps I’ll share what I come up with for 26 by 26!

I also plan to get panniers for my bike. Those are the bike bags that sit on either side of your tires. I bike to work daily and it’s great but having a backpack makes your back sweaty and gross. So I need to scope some out to see what works.

Altogether it has been a great and busy month. I’m excited for what’s to come. Happy Sunday to you all!


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