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Living With Less

Recently I have been reading a lot about minimalism, simple living, frugal living, living with less, you name it. It might be because I’m moving into a smaller apartment and it’s just me but I feel the need to have less. To not be swallowed up by my belongings. To not have every corner in my house filled with stuff. Stuff I don’t use. Stuff that just sits there.

In the past couple of weeks I’ve posted a number of items on craigslist. Between myself and my roomie we’ve managed to sell:

Roomie’s queen bed for $50, my dresser for $20, lamp for $10, grill for $25, shelf for $10, couch for $20, single cup coffee maker for $30 and a table for $20. So far $185 for stuff I don’t even miss. One hundred and eighty-five dollars! Roomie’s sleeping on the futon until she flies back, I plan to have some meager shelves for my clothes, but mostly will use my closet, we had two lamps so I’m good with one, the coffee maker and grill were collecting dust and the table… we never even got chairs for that table. It was really just a place to sit my bamboo plant!

Now I have less stuff I have a) less things to clean b) less crap to haul up to my new place and I really feel like the items I bring with me will be in my house because I use them. Yknow?

Now, my birthday’s coming up and at first all I could think of were things I wanted. I had a hard time coming up with things actually. I tried to think of jewellery (nah, hardly wear what I own), perfume (I never remember to put that stuff on), clothes (I’d rather pick something out myself)… but I managed to think of stuff I could really use. A pair of runners. I’ve had mine for a number of years and I could really use a pair with support, flexibility that were properly selected. I bought a pair of Nikes about two months ago but I wasn’t feeling them and returned them. Another thing was bike panniers. Those bags you put on the back of your bike rack to hold stuff. I commute every day and wearing a backpack is fine but it’s extra weight, plus when I’m biking my back gets all sweaty from my pack, so panniers would be really helpful.

I’ve just been making a real effort lately to be aware of what I am surrounding myself with and what I am paying for. It lends itself towards my debt-free life goal. I don’t want to work to pay for that really cool gadget that I don’t have time to use because I’m always at work putting in the hours to pay for it. It’s just a cycle I don’t want to start. I’ve just been thinkin…


3 thoughts on “Living With Less

  1. Been in same boat recently. Also initiated by moving to a smaller flat. It was a case of ‘if I havn’t seen or used you within the last 6 months and could not give a sound reason why?…. err u gat to go’. Got rid of a lot of clutter and happier for it. Also trying to curb my habit of shopping like the shops would all be shut down next month. Buying toiletries for example in bulk.

    Working towards debt free life goal too and realize I been chilling too much over the last 2 years and needs to get my act together ASAP.

    O well interesting post to read. Tnx for sharing

    • Yeah, exactly. Even as I was posting things to sell I was thinking well, maybe I will use this. But then logic showed up with ‘if I haven’t used it so far what are the chances I’ll actually be using it?’
      I find life much more relaxing without clutter and all the stuff everywhere.
      Happy to hear about your goal towards a debt free life! Hopefully we can motivate each other 🙂 Thanks for reading

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