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Rocco’s Back!

Long story short:

I missed my hair.
My helmet barely fit over my braids and now that Hermie’s out of the shop and fixed I’m going to be biking a lot more.
It was getting a little too hot to have all the extra insulation on my head.

I’m loving having my curly hair back.

It was a pretty impulsive decision. It was probably only Friday that I convinced myself to keep my braids until the end of the month but I woke up today, went for a bike ride, came home and it was 9AM. I just thought, let’s do it.

After removing the braids, I detangled and brushed it to remove the shed hair and put it in 4 puffs. Then it was time to wash. I started with an ACV rinse to scrub my scalp and remove all the build up. Then I shampoo’d, conditioned, detangled and rinsed.

I knew I wouldn’t have enough time to put my hair in twists and let it dry in a stretched form so I sat in front of the mirror and blow dried it in sections. This is only the second time I’ve blow dried my hair but I was less apprehensive than before. I used coconut oil to start followed by some great smelling castor oil and then Giovanni leave-in conditioner.

9AM – 1PM and I am done! I can say it feels really great to have Rocco back. I feel like it’s been sooo long but it’s only been about 5 weeks. The next time I do a protective style like that will probably be in the fall. Between then if I want to keep my hair tucked away for a while I will probably just put it in flat twists, or do some mini two-strand twists.

I was happy to see that my hair was nice and soft when I removed the braids. We had moisturized them well when installing the braids so I was relieved.

I was having mini-panic attacks thinking my hair would fall right out as I took out the braids. Why? I don’t know… I haven’t had extensions since 2005ish? And just being so aware of my hair and how to take care of it, this was sort of ‘new’ for me and I wasn’t sure. But it worked out fine and I’m glad my caution worked out.

Welcome back Rocco!

I added some pics from my Saturday run. I really just needed to get outside and get some sun so I did a different route, it was about 12km but I walked some, I sat on the beach for a bit and ran at times. But I removed all pressure to maintain a certain pace or anything. I really just wanted to enjoy the time outside. So worth it. And I got a sweet tan 😉


2 thoughts on “Rocco’s Back!

  1. The prized hair is out and looking healthy. Yeah I will think twice before I put mine in braids. Winter is good time.

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