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Anyone Want A Dish Set?

Oh yeah. I’m moving. Again.

My roomie-friend has decided to move back home. We’ve been roommates foreeeeever so it was only a matter of time. I’m going to moving into a bachelor suite in June. Roomie-T’s gonna kick it with me for June and then leave mid-July.

It works out. Our lease is up in August but there’s no way I would ever subject myself to apartment hunting at the end of summer.

I live in a city with a whole whack of post-secondary schools and the influx of students looking for apartments at the same time as me would make my head spin. Plus there was a bachelor suite and one-bedroom apartment available for rent in my building so I snatched it up while the going was good. It’s a floor up and our apartment has an elevator which makes moving less painful.

But because we’re breaking our lease we have to pay a fine, which kind of balances out with getting our deposit back. Plus for June and half of July we pay a whole lot less since we’re splitting the price of a bachelor suite. It’ll be squishy but we’re downsizing on a lot of the stuff we own to make the process (and life) easier.

Since Roomie-T is shipping her stuff home, she wants to take as little as she can to cut the costs. Since I’m moving in a bachelor suite and will eventually (in the future) sometime be moving out and living somewhere else, I just want to have less stuff. I hate being surrounded by stuff. I think this is a great chance to put things in my home that I really want to be in my home. I’m pretty jazzed to have my own place actually. And it’s as great as my apartment now just smaller. I’ve still got a washer, dryer, dishwasher, double sinks, rad counter top, it’s going to be awesome.

We’ve managed to sell quite a bit of stuff so far. Roomie-T sold her bed; she got it for free from a friend of ours a couple years ago and sold it for $50. I sold our bookshelf for $10, our 7 foot sofa for $20, our Keurig coffee maker, that we never used, for $30 and a lady is asking about our dining room table (which spent the year in the corner with our bamboo plant on it), and plans to pick it up tomorrow. Awesome! I have a Kalorik grill, dish set and drawers to unload so here’s hoping someone bites! It’s nice seeing your stuff find another home. And it’s nice getting money for something you haven’t used in a year.

Oh, and last week I trucked a 7lb milk jar full of coins (mainly pennies) to the bank (TD) and tossed it in their coin counter (best invention ever). What we thought was $8 or $9 came to $14.41. Whoo! I was richer and lighter.

It will be good to have only essentials in my house. Plus since T is leaving a lot behind I won’t have to buy/replace anything, really. What’s best is she’s leaving her 32″ flat screen (holla!).

The only not-so-fun thing is work is INSANE at the end of May which is moving time. We have a lot of events going on at work and squeezing in moving time is going to suck. Plus, Roomie-T is planning to get her wisdom teeth out at the end of May while she’s still covered for dental and stuff. Boo.

However, I a) don’t have to pack really. I can just take loads of stuff upstairs at a time and b) the suite is sitting empty right now and my building manager said I could move in early. *Happy Dance*

So wish me luck dear friends. And cheers to owning less stuff.


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