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Running – Solo or Social?

I seem to have found myself running 4 days in a row so far this week. Saturday I did 7km and Sunday I tried my 10km route.

Monday I was sitting on the couch with my roommate. She asked if I wanted to go for a walk and I wasn’t very enthusiastic. ‘Um… I dunno…’ was my response. She asked if I wanted to go for a run and I think those were the magic words. We were off in 15 minutes and did a 6km route.

I find walking leisurely and enjoyable, especially if you have some nice scenery but I get bored… and it takes too long. Running, you can see it all in half the time and feel accomplished. Don’t get me wrong, going for a nice walk with a coffee or slurpee in hand is nice but given the option, I’d rather be joined for a run.

Tuesday my friend E texted me asking if I wanted to run after work since it was so nice out. You betcha. We did a 7km walk/run which was a great way to catch up and I took her on a route I usually go, somewhere she had never been so she enjoyed seeing that part of the city.

Running on my own I am able to challenge myself distance-wise because the only limitation I have is myself. I walk when I want to walk and I push myself when I want to get somewhere.

Running with others has its perks though. Usually, it’s at a slower pace so I can breathe easy, hold more of a conversation and it’s fun!

A combination of both is ideal but it’s fair to say that I just really enjoy running 🙂


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