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First 10k In Over A Month – Ouch

I did a 10km run. 56:01. I chose a favourite route but ran it backwards. It hurt. Although I’m not sure if it was the route or the fact that my last 10k run was March 16, over a month ago. Probably the latter.

It was a sunny morning run with a cool breeze down by the ocean.

Kms 1-3 were nice and simple then there was a stupid hill at km 4 where I stopped at the top, clinging to a stop signing, gasping but pretending to stretch so no one could see I was near death. Kms 4-5 were mercifully downhill, 5-7 were all along the water, although around 6 I had a cramp so I stopped and stretched and walked for a bit after. Km 8 I had a massive, unforgiving cramp on my right side. It hurt to breathe so I stopped and sat on a bench and reminded myself that I will be finishing this 10km. I gave myself a couple of minutes and then got running again, slowly.

I was supposed to take a turn for home but I was only at 9km so I said, nope, and continued down the trail until I hit 10km. I put on some speed since it was my last km and I wanted to make it count and then I was done and turned around and walked home.

What a run. I think I’ll take tomorrow off, do another round of Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred in the morning and yoga in the afternoon and go for another run on Tuesday.


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