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Half-Marathon Training

First off: Why?

Why run 21km? Really… I have no idea. I don’t even know if I will. It would be cool if I did. I would probably high-five myself. Treat myself to a nice beer. Tell my mom and dad. Tell Twitter.

After a run I feel pretty good. It’s a self-challenge and if I come out of it without having had to walk I feel like I’ve won.

RunKeeper is my new favourite running app. Nike+ was good times but it needed so much gear. The special Nike shoes, the special insert into that special Nike shoe and then the app, which is impossible to remove from your iPhone. It was great and all but RunKeeper just has a really friendly interface and it maps your runs. It gives you all the same deets, pace, time, calories, distance but it automatically pauses your run when you’re stopped (say at a stop light) and it measures your elevation. I’ve really enjoyed using it. It also has training plans! Since I am capable of doing a 10k run (and there’s no 15k training plan) I guess the next step is the half-marathon.

There’s also a half-marathon race in town in October which isn’t a bad goal. I seem to have lost my workout mojo… which has happened before… I should probably track my loss of workout mojo, it probably follows some sort of pattern. But my roomie-friend has been doing the Jillian Michaels’ 30-day-shred and she is seeing results so that makes me want to get back on my drill.

Oh! Also with RunKeeper you can record a whole bunch of activities like: running, cycling, mountain biking, walking, hiking, downhill skiing, cross country skiing, snowboarding, skating, swimming, wheelchair, rowing, elliptical and other. There’s a free one which I’ve been using until I decide I need the features of the paid one.

Happy running! And here’s hoping I get my mojo back!


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