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Separation Anxiety…

A strong term, yes, but I miss my curls!

I’ve had my hair in braids for two weeks now and I must admit I miss styling my hair. Sure this style saves time, energy, accessories… did I already say time? But it’s the same thing every day.

There’s something about having my hair hidden away that makes me wonder how it’s doing. How do I know if it’s dry or needs some oil when it’s woven with this other hair? And my scalp! Some people suggested spritzing and massaging but I’ve washed my hair/scalp twice so far. I guess that doesn’t change since I washed it once a week while my hair was loose. I think I’m willing to give it another two weeks, maybe three but I think I may need to get my hair back…

I’ve gotten used to the detangling, deep conditioning, twisting, braiding, moisturizing business. I had a good thing going yknow? But I should take advantage of my hair like this because it’s a lot less work. So *inhale.. exhale* here’s to my protective style.


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