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A Jog + An Outdoor Workout

Today is wet and windy but yesterday was goooorgeous! I texted my friend E yesterday to see if she wanted to join me for a run after work. She said she’d let me know if she would be home at that time. Cool, I thought. Walking home from work I was all it’s sooo nice out! I can’t WAIT to go run! Then I got home and sat on the couch and thought… well, maybe I don’t have to go for a run. I mean… I could just put my feet up now and workout tomorrow.

It wasn’t long before E replied and was getting changed and would be meeting me in 20. Aah! She’s in. Damnit. So I changed and put my hair up (running with extensions is a lot of effort… I use my headbands as ponytails cause it’s so thick I can barely gather it in one hand).

I ran over to meet her (no sense walking) and we jogged to the water and over the bridge. We didn’t go as far as I would normally have gone but it was okay. We decided to find a spot to do some workouts. Under the bridge was a patch of grass and a solid log so we did squats, squat jumps, lunges, burpees (I had to find a space of grass free of goose poop) and then with our hands on the log we did 2 sets of 1 minute mountain climbers. We stretched, had music on, we watched paddlers go by on the harbour. Then we jogged back. Such a great afternoon and working out with a friend makes it that much better 🙂


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