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Back To The Grind

After 10 marvellous days visiting with my parents I am back home and back to work. I managed to go for a run while I was home. One solitary run… to be honest I did a lot of napping and driving. It’s such a luxury to have a vehicle at my disposal when I’m so used to walking everywhere. But now I am back and my feet are doing all my travelling.

Spring is here and it is fantastic. I wore a t-shirt and cardigan to work today and it was all I needed. What I love the most is that the sun is actually out an hour after I get home from work. Today I made the most of it by going for a run.

There’s a popular 10k race happening here and I’ll be honest… I’m not convinced I want to run it. After spending days at home, paying for a plane ticket, rent, groceries, airport shuttles and not working, I’m trying to make the most of what I have and am kind of on a spending freeze at the moment. There’s still three weeks until the race so I can give myself that time to a) work my way back up to my leisurely 10k runs and b) decide if I want to put the money in. I can understand it’s a great moment and a fun community event but I’m still going to take the time to decide.

I ran a little under 5k today to get started. By Friday I’m hoping to put in a 10k and I want to be able to do two 10k runs this week just to get myself back up, that being said, I’m okay if I only get one in. Oh! And running with my braids in… they’re heavy man. Definitely miss my hair when it comes to that.

Regardless, happy monday to you all! 🙂


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